The Strongest Chess Openings - Try Them In Your Next Game (2023)

chess wassince centuriesbut more recent Netflix series like The Queen's Gambit have skyrocketed in popularity.

We see many newcomers learning chess. Actual number ofChess apprentices on our platformIt's up 42% over the past year.

To help all chess enthusiasts out there, here is a list of the 8 strongest chess openings you must try.

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Strongest chess openings for White

1. King's Gambit

2. Damengambit

3. Evans Gambit

4. Ruy Lopez

Strongest chess openings for Black

1. Benko-Gambit

2. French Defense Forces

3. Italian game

4. King Indian

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Strongest chess openings for White

1. King's Gambit

Plays for King's Gambit: 1. e4 e5 2. F4

The King's Gambit is a classic strong opening much appreciated by players of the Romantic era.

Since it has the term "king" in its name, you can assume that the royalty and history of this movement dates back to the Romantic period.

Great players have used this opening for over 300 years because it often leads to exciting and crucial open games.

How to play King's Gambit

Simply put, the King's Gambit is a high-risk opening, especially for inexperienced players. This concept is based on moves e4, e5 and f4.

If Black accepts the King's Gambit, he immediately loses a piece, but White gains an advantage with his f7-pawn. However, the half-open F-file makes it easy for White to attack the f7-pawn with his rook.

USE: If White does not play correctly, he cannot develop his knight to nf3, or he changes his knight to f7.

As a result, White must castle quickly to defend his king and launch an aggressive attack on f7.

2. Damengambit

Moves for the Queen's Gambit: 1. d4 d5 2. c4 dxc4

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Do you want to play a move that is based on a basic growth plan and leads to complex systems? Well, you should try the Queen's Gambit.

The Queen's Gambit is the most common pawn "sacrifice".Chess Opening Theory. It is White's most common reaction to the symmetrical queen's pawn opening.

How to play the Queen's Gambit

Playing d4 with the expectation of d5 is the main idea behind the Queen's Gambit. In the Queen's Gambit, White plays c5 and expects Black to respond with dxc4.

White can now play e4 and has the best possible pawn structure, while Black can use fewer pieces to catch up. The E4 move has a double meaning as it allows the bishop to attack c4.

Use:Some early-move openers might be deterred by the bishop's threat to win back on c4 and play b5 to protect the piece. As a result, Black must slow down its growth and focus its attention on the queenside of the board.

White can continue with plans like a4 and nc3 to advance the knight and put additional pressure on Black's pieces.

In this opening you have to watch out for different tricks with Black. This often requires a white-squared bishop sacrifice on the f7-square.

File:How to play the Queen's Gambit Declined?

3. Evans Gambit

Moves for Evans Gambit: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. B4

The Evans Gambit has long been White's most direct aggressive tactic. It is a popular pawn sacrificeCaptain William Davies Evans in 1827.

If you are a fan offoundryDirectly and more often in your strategy, Evans Gambit should be the move to try.

How to play Evans Gambit?

By giving up the b4-piece in an Evans Gambit position, the player can push c3 onto the bishop with a rhythm.

Since Black will play cautiously to protect his bishop, he will try to advance it a third time in the opening. If he puts it back on c5 he has to draw it again on move 10, this is the fourth time he has done so.

After pressing d4, the key concept of Evans Gambit is to castle quickly and maximize your position by giving up a pawn on c3.

In most positions Black has two minor pieces on the back rank while you have a clear view of the crucial f7 square.

4. Ruy Lopez

Moves by Ruy López: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5

This movement is named afterRuy Lopez de Segura,a priest in Spain in the 16th century. It is a standard bezel used by white or black.

How to play Ruy Lopez

In Ruy Lopez, one of the most popular opening moves, the bishop is placed on B5 instead of C5.

White has strong control over the center as the knight and pawn can castle in the next move, making this a solid start similar to the Italian game.

White's usual response in this Ruy Lopez is a6, leaving White to decide what to do with his bishop. Capturing the knight doubles Black's pawns, which can be tempting. This is a risky tactic, however, as bishops are often better than knights.

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At first glance, it seems like White could win if Black plays a6, since White can capture the knight and then use the recovered bishop to capture the hanging pawn on e5.

USE: White would be in trouble in the endgame if Black played Qe7 or Qg5, both allowed by Ruy Lopez.

Strongest chess openings for Black

Check overenthusiastic chess lessonsfor a personalized chess learning experience.

1. Benko-Gambit

Movimientos para Gambito Benko: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 b5

If you would likebecome a better chess playerIn general, you should use this move.

While it's not a sharp or violent opening, it's very strong as it leaves no room for the opponent to survive. So it's helpful to reach out to him. It is also popularly known asWolga-Gambit.

How to play Benko's Gambit

In Benoni's defensive version, Black can trade queenside pawns for more space and board control in exchange for a kingside attack.

Black will have a significant advantage in the center, making this a similar situation to Evans Gambit where the player risks losing two pawns to a potentially devastating attack and position.

2. French Defense Forces

Moves for the French defenders: 1. e4 e6

I want to be likeMijail Botvinnik und Viktor KorchnoI? Well, the French Defense Forces are their most used moves. And the best thing is that both beginners and great masters use it.

French Defenses are useful in chess when trying to beat a higher rated opponent or simply learning the game.

IfspielenFrench Defense Forces

The French forces' plan is for Black to respond to White's d4 with d5. In this way, White quickly challenges control of the center.

The French Defense is a strong move for Black, as it often creates a difficult situation for the opponent towards the middle of the game.

However, the improved defense makes scoring more difficult. Most importantly, Black's pawn structure will likely make it more difficult for Black's pieces to develop their bishop on the light side of the board.

3. Italian game

Moves for the Italian game: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4

Did you know that the Italian game is one of the oldest chess openings, having existed for centuries?

It was popularized by gamers likeDamienand appeared in the first known chess book, theMustScript.

You should definitely try this move next time because of its long history and richness and of course because it is one of the strongest chess openings.

How to play the Italian game

By pushing their pawns, white and black gain some control of the center, making way for their queen and bishop. When White threatens the black pawn on e5, both players advance with their knights.

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The Lc4 move can be used for more than one thing. The move forces Black to defend his vulnerable f7-square, advance a pawn and strengthen.

White's position in the middle of the board prepares a castle for White's next move. As Black, you must beware of White's potential to fork your queen and rook by taking the f7-pawn with Ng5.

4. King Indian

Moves for the King's Indian: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. g3 Bg7 4. Bg2

Want to know about a powerful hypermodern movement? There areking indianto you. Great great teachers likeTeimour RadjabovjHikaru NakamuraThey favor the King's Indian as one of their primary weapons.

How to play King's Indian

When Black moves with the King's Indian, he forgoes a direct attack in the center in favor of a fianchetto-bishop on the kingside and an eventual attack in the center.

Black can still avoid committing to c5 in this version and attack the center with c6 instead. Without resistance, White can get the ideal pawn arrangement on c4, d4 and e5.

frequently asked questions

How many better chess openings are there for black pieces?

According to himEncyclopedia of Chess Openings, the most important openings and their variants (both black and white) in chess can be divided into 500 different codes.

What are the most solid and reliable chess openings for Black?

In response to 1.e4, Black's best-known and most reliable options are the Caro-Kann Defence, the English Opening, the Queen's Gambit Accepted, the Dutch Defense and the French Defence. If White plays 1.d4, you must respond with 1.d5 and then play the Queen's Gambit.

What is the strongest opening in a chess game?

The King's Indian and the Queen's Gambit Declined are the strongest openings in chess. They remain one of Black's sharpest and most difficult openings and continue to serve as a stage for grandmasters.

What is the best opening for beginners in chess?

D4 is the best opening for beginners looking for a risk-free, balanced opening.

Which opening do most chess grandmasters prefer?

Most chess grandmasters prefer Ruy Lopez's Spanish game. It has been played for almost 500 years and many great grandmasters still play it today!

The Strongest Chess Openings - Try Them In Your Next Game (1)

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We hope that as a person looking to advance in chess, you have some good moves up your sleeve. If you have any confusion or want to add something, feel free to add it in the comments section.


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