Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (2023)

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (1)

The hills roar with the sound of mopeds as crime-solving nun Sister Boniface leaps back onto our screens for a light-hearted murder mystery series.Sister Bonifácio's secretsSeason 2.

A spinoff of the popular period police dramaFather Brown,Secrets of Sister Bonifácio Season 1followed the detective exploits of the titular nun, played by Lorna Watson, whose forensic knowledge has become a valuable asset to the Great Slaughter Police Department in combating the village's surprisingly high crime rate.

In this whimsical new crime fiction series, the versatile bespectacled sister becomes involved in investigations involving everything from a chess tournament, a supermodel, a pirate radio station and an amateur theater group to a couples retreat, a photo shoot. in the Carry On style and, in the first episode, foul play on the set of the children's television show Jolly Roger.

To set up the crime scene, here's everything we knowSister Bonifácio's secretsSeason 2...

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (2)

Sisters Boniface Secrets season 2 release date

Sister Bonifácio's secretsSeason 2 will air on UKTV Drama from Friday 26th May 2023. It will also be available as a box set on UKTV Play from the same date.

Season 2 is also available on Britbox for US viewers, where you can still watch Season 1 if you want to catch up.

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (3)

No Amazon Prime Vi...

Britbox is the best way to watch all your favorite British programs from the BBC and ITV. You can easily watch it through Prime Video channels. All of your subscription and billing is handled by your Amazon account, so you can watch as much or as little as you like for one price.

Is there a trailer for Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2?

Yep, the new trailer shows Sister Boniface using her skills and wits to solve more gruesome cases... and also getting back on her iconic motorcycle!

Sister Boniface Secrets season 2 cast

Lorna Watson plays detective nun Sister Boniface, who first appeared in the show's first season.Father Brownon BBC One in an episode titled The Bride of Christ. Lorna also starred inWatson e OliverEU Shakespeare e Hathaway.

(Video) Sister Boniface S2 | BritBox Original Trailer | Coming Soon**

Max Brown plays Detective Inspector Sam Gillespie. Max already played Richard Ellis in 2019Filme Downton Abbeyand played King Robert inReal(2015-2018) i Dr. Evan Marks w serialu BBeauty and the Beast(2012-2016).

Jerry Iwu who played ObaNetflixcomedysex educationis Detective Sergeant Felix Livingstone.

Miranda ratio (MI-5) plays Ruth Penny, the tough investigative journalist and editor of the Albion Bugle, and Ami Metcalf (stairs up stairs down) will play Peggy Button, a young and unflappable police officer.

Sister Boniface Secrets Season 2 Episode Guide


Great Slaughter hosts the children's summer show "Jolly Roger", much to editor Dinah Morgan's (Abigail Thaw) annoyance. Taking out her frustration on the cast and crew, Dinah insists on a younger, more emotional version of the Jolly Roger to spice up the sleepy Great Carnage. The Timbers soon shudder, however, when Dinah is discovered during a live performance. Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) is called in to investigate who may have committed the act - the man of action Jono Hardy (Alan Emrys), the cheeky Danny Lemon (Mikey Collins), the acrobatic Sandy Shanks (Alice Marshall) or the fired producer Fliss Forsyth (Rhiannon ) Clemente). Sister Boniface must negotiate with the parrot and probe the puppet to get to the bottom of the mystery before sabotage derails the Jolly Roger's most ambitious feat.


The sight of Baron Battenberg's mysterious disappearance sends the press and police into a frenzy. Determined to uncover the facts, Ruth (Miranda Raison) and Sam (Max Brown) infiltrate the Pranayama resort, run by Baron's widow Marion Gray (Emily Bruni) and brother Edwin Battenberg (Jason Thorpe). The only problem - aside from the questionable cooking skills of Connie Dumas (Sarah Moyle) - Pranayama is a "couples only" retreat that forces Ruth and Sam to pose as husband and wife, which they seem to resent. Ruth and Sam befriend tumultuous couple Ben (George Sargeant) and Leigh Matthews (Jahannah James), but any brooding moments are quickly cut short when they discover the body of journalist Victor Goodbody (Tim Frances) in the woods. With Sister Boniface's (Lorna Watson) mind altered by a psychedelic substance, can Ruth and Sam stick together long enough to discover Goodbody's killer and finally solve the mystery of Baron Battenberg?


Peggy (Ami Metcalf) is thrilled when high school friend and supermodel Robin Carter (Maddy Ambus), now known as "Birdie", returns home to Great Slaughter to film a documentary chronicling her meteoric rise. But all is not so rosy in Birdie's world - she rejects the desperate advances of her estranged mother, Shirley (Caroline O'Neill), while tensions rise with her money-obsessed manager, Max Savage (Steve Meo). When Max is found dead in his locked room, Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) and the gang are called in to investigate. Everyone becomes suspicious when Birdie's troubled relationship with Max and the tense atmosphere within their team come to light. Smart designer Moses Valentino (Brendan Howley) wants to take over running Birdie, but does he have her best interests at heart? The gang investigates with fraudulent documentarian Verity Martin (Jemima Rooper). With Birdie about to sign a new contract, can Peggy help Sister Boniface unravel this web of scams and save her friend before it's too late?


Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) and the gang are horrified to discover all the hallmarks of a human sacrifice ritual in the woods supposedly performed by a group of witches! The corpse is identified as local woman Jackie Rice (Louise Marwood), leading the team to discover dinner-shy lady Heather Hartwood (Elizabeth Rider) attempting to burn witchcraft paraphernalia in Jackie's home. Heather admits to being a witch, belonging to the same coven as Jackie, but insists that her intention is only to heal and help others; they are white witches. This discovery has little effect on the Reverend Mother Adrian (Carolyn Pickles), who turns the town into a witch hunt with signs and torches waving! Sister Boniface and the gang must discover the whereabouts of Betty Jessop (Caroline Sheen) and her daughter Lucy (Hannah Hutch) before "dark magic" and the mysterious Book of Shadows cause even more mayhem...or murder.


Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) is shocked by a visit from Vivienne (Maggie Steed) and Malise Bonham-Crane (Geoff McGivern), her own parents! Convinced that catastrophic events for the Cold War are planned for the British Open Chess Championship, Malise convinces Boniface's sister to throw away her chess skills and enter the tournament. He will face stiff competition, with the impenetrable Anthony Whitlock (Daniel Cerqueira), his wife Nadiya (Andreea Paduraru), the extremely intelligent Oliver Canning (Ben Mansfield) and the great team of Evelyn Thurleigh (Jonny Khan) and coach Jack Denbury ( Tom Glenister). But when Anthony is found dead, injected with a deadly, unknown substance, the tournament takes a backseat. Sister Boniface and her father race against time to break the codes before more lives and even the nation's security are at stake.


Felix (Jerry Iwu) as a police advisor on the set of the latest film "Oh! Behave Yourself!". Abrasive director Sexton St Juste (Stephen Matthews) fools everyone with his venomous attitude and scathing wit, more interested in slapstick and strapless than police procedure. Soon Felix discovers that Sexton has been strangled with a strange weapon and suddenly the entire team is summoned to the studio. However, while escorting Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) into the convent's infirmary, Sam (Max Brown) and Felix receive unexpected "help" from Sister Reginald (Virginia Fiol) and Sister Peter (Tina Chiang). Felix and Sam delve into the dirty laundry of a jaded cast of primitive actors: director's wife Genevieve Loveday (Lisa Ellis), professionally frustrated Sally Chagford (Chelsea Fitzgerald), scapegoat Roy Perk (Jamie McKenna) and burnt-out alcoholic Eric Cockburn (James Hurn). Meanwhile, Sister Boniface tries to solve the mystery lying on the sickbed, unaware of the Reverend Mother Adrian (Carolyn Pickles).


Great Slaughter is full of excitement for this year's talent show, which features a grand cash prize and a celebrity judge, actress Jane Beaufort (Antonia Kinlay). But when selfish magician Terry Smith (Nigel Boyle) - "The Great Faldini" - performs his breathtaking trick, the other contestants quickly give up hope. However, in hot weather, Terry is magically murdered and Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) deduces that the cause of death was trick manipulation. Felix (Jerry Iwu) interviews the somber Sylvie Simmons (Amy Forrest), Tina's ruthless stage mother Tina (Georgia Conlan) and Terry's old theater partner Curly Cuddles the clown (John Thomson). With a threatening letter left for Terry by the mysterious "Debra Cadabra" and a suspicious can of hairspray on the loose, Sister Boniface and Felix must consider whether the killer's motive is to eliminate competition or something far more disturbing. Meanwhile, Sam (Max Brown) is conspicuous by his absence alone: ​​instead of investigating, he's quite content with his annual audit. What is he hiding?


Peggy (Ami Metcalf) is thrilled when her favorite pirate radio station, "Radio Catherine", brings its trendy broadcasts to Great Slaughter. Led by the wacky Billy King (Thomas Flynn), the gang of pirates must stay one step ahead of the GPO engineer determined to bring them to justice, Nigel Greybone (Sean McKenzie), with a disgruntled Sam (Max Brown). When trying to tune into the latest programme, Peggy finds only interference - in a shocking turn of events, Billy King has been murdered on air. Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) deduces that Billy was electrocuted, which puts radio veteran Patt Garrett (Karl Theobald), expert engineer Arnie Cuningham (Josh Bolt), the brains behind the group Cathy Bright (Ellen Francis) and the enigmatic businessman Gabriel Viegas (Tibu Fortes) all suspicious. Sister Boniface desperately tries to identify a mysterious sound to uncover the killer, but can she do it without jeopardizing the future of Peggy's beloved "Radio Catherine"?


CC Lowsley (Robert Daws) is frantically preparing for the next Great Slaughter Amateur Dramatic Society (G-SADS) production. With a funding offer on the line and a rival company stacked against them, Lowsley will stop at nothing to realize his vision. Drama and reality quickly blur, however, when main character Lewis Gardner (Jack Ashton) is killed by main character Myrna Potts (Laurel Waghorn) during rehearsals with a handmade stage knife. But along with fellow cast members Captain Pargiter (Owen Brenman), Derek Dobson (Tony Marshall) and rejected costume designer Hildy Prentice (Carli Norris), was Myrna really responsible? Delving into the players' backgrounds and the play itself, Sister Boniface and the gang uncover an unsolved case that seems inextricably linked to Lewis's murder. Can they solve both cases before the curtain falls and the killer escapes?


When local resident Irene Symonds (Lisa Allen) is murdered in a manner befitting the "Good Samaritan" killer, Sam (Max Brown) and sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) fear the worst - the killer is back. But locked away in a high-security psychiatric facility and watched over by Nurse Brenda Bristow (Juliet Oldfield), is Myrtle Hunnisweet (Penny Ryder), a convicted "Good Samaritan," capable of such organized chaos? The deceased's cheated husband, Trevor Simmonds (John Hollingworth), is the prime suspect, but the investigation soon turns into a dead end... Sam's frustration mounts when The Bugle's editor, Clem (Mat Fraser) and author Harald Steele (Gareth Snook) accuse him of wrongful imprisonment. As poisonings continue to occur in Great Slaughter, Sam's reputation and career hang in the balance. Sister Boniface must decipher the mysterious codes before the "Good Samaritan" claims his next victim.

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (4)

Sister Boniface Mysteries season 2 interview with Lorna Watson

Lorna, what's it like to fall back into a habit?

"I'm a big fan of this habit, even though it's really hot! It's a very transformative costume because it affects everything, even the way you turn your head! It really helps when it comes to embodying the character, just because it's so different than you normally wear”.

Do you feel different playing the title character of the series?

“It's a real team effort.Sister Bonifacebecause it's an ensemble cast, so I feel like part of the gang. But maybe there's that little pressure of wanting to be on top of everything to keep things running smoothly and keep everyone happy."

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (5)

(Video) The Sister Boniface Mysteries | Available Now| BritBox

Your character's name, Bonifácio, is unusual and usually given to boys! Were you happy growing up as Lorna or would you like a more exotic name?

“I was named after Lorna Bernstein, who was the daughter of a Polish Jewish artist who survived Auschwitz and was close to our family, so that name holds a special place in my heart. Anyway, with my Scottish heritage, pale skin and freckles, I don't look very exotic, so a name like 'Conchita' wouldn't really suit me!”

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (6)

The television series in the first episode is clearly based onPeter Blue! Which hosts of this cult series did you grow up with?

“I remember getting an autograph from Mark Curry when I was at a competition and watching Peter Duncan do his daring stunts.Peter Bluealbeit a badge! Also, many years later, when Ingrid [Oliver, Laura's comedy partner] and I were doing our sketch, our BBC office forgotPeter Bluegarden!"

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (7)

You appeared in brightterrible storiesas Queen Boudica. Have you done many other children's TV shows?

“I did some other stuff and wrote for children's television. My Other Half Marcus [Garvey, brother of Elbow singer Guy Garvey] played an ugly yeti inbasil brush!"

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (8)

You attract big guest stars on this show. Who should we watch out for right now?

“I was very happy to meet [Apprehensivestar] John Thomson, who plays a clown in one episode. One rainy day we were sitting in the car together and I made him do his Jazz Club characterquick presentation. It was a special moment when I was sitting in the car and John Thomson was saying, "Cool!"

We hear that Sister Boniface takes psychedelics in this series!

Filming this scene was bizarre. The episode takes place at a wellness retreat and its eggs are spiked with LSD. When she starts hallucinating, DI Gillespie [Max Brown] and WPC Peggy Button [Ami Metcalf] have to take care of her!"

And we also know Sister Bonifaceja's parents, right?

“Yes, in the episode about the chess tournament, Maggie Steed and Geoff McGivern played brilliantly! They are scientists and atheists, and they cannot understand why their daughter became a nun! This helps explain how she became who she is and where her hunger for knowledge comes from. It's a bit of an odd family dynamic, but there's a lot of love and respect in it."

What did your parents think when you decided to be an actor?

"They've always been very supportive of me but it's hard for them to see you struggling - like when I was dressed like a pint of Guinness to work at Twickenham Rugby Stadium!"

You were at an all-girls school with your future comedy partner Ingrid. Was there any resemblance to convent life?

“We were very close and a sense of humor was very important - perhaps because the opposite sex was not there to make us feel awkward. Catherine Parkinson [Doctor Marcin] was in our class too!”

Sister Bonifácio rides a Vespa scooter. Have you ever had a moped accident on vacation?

"Absolutely yes! I was riding a moped in Cyprus with my friend Rachel on the back. The bike turned sideways and Rachel had the good sense to jump off, but I kept riding my bike sideways in my flip-flops! rest of the holiday and every time I went into the sea I was sure I would be eaten by sharks. That was horrible!"

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (9)

And finally, who is your favorite nun and who is your favorite detective?

"Oh, it's hard! I've always had a soft spot for Columbo because my dad used to watch it when I was little. My favorite nun would have to be the one that Sister Boniface was modeled on. Her name is Sister Agnes Bartel, she was a naval surgeon and the first female RAF wing commander!"

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Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know (10)

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(Video) Sister Boniface Mysteries [+s01] - Gillespie & Boniface - Send for Me


Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 2: Release date, trailer, cast, episodes, and everything we know? ›

"We are absolutely thrilled to see Sister Boniface return for a second series," producer Will Trotter said when news of the series' renewal was announced.

Is there a series 2 of Sister Boniface? ›

"We are absolutely thrilled to see Sister Boniface return for a second series," producer Will Trotter said when news of the series' renewal was announced.

What day do new episodes of Sister Boniface come out? ›

When's the release date? The second season of Sister Boniface Mysteries will premiere in the US streaming exclusively on BritBox on Tuesday 4th April. If you've not already got BritBox, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial here! Over in the UK, it's expected to air on the Drama channel again, as Season 1 did in 2022.

Where can I watch Sister Boniface Mysteries season 2? ›

Sister Boniface Mysteries, a crime series starring Lorna Watson, Ami Metcalf, and Miranda Raison is available to stream now. Watch it on The Roku Channel, BritBox, Vudu, Apple TV or Prime Video on your Roku device.

How many episodes of Sister Boniface Mysteries are there? ›

Is there a season 2 of the sister? ›

Speaking exclusively to, Amrita Acharia (who played Holly) said she would "love" to be part of a second season - but nothing is in the works for the moment.

Is Sister Boniface based on a book? ›

Based on the G.K. Chesterton novels, Father Brown follows the adventures of a 1950s Roman Catholic priest who also happens to solve crimes. The cozy mystery series is currently in its ninth season and is as popular - if not more so - than it's ever been.

What BritBox shows are coming in 2023? ›

The BritBox schedule for May 2023 releases has premieres of series like BritBox Originals The Ghost of Richard Harris and The Tower 2: Death Message slated for arrival. Other BritBox highlights for this month include Peter O'Toole – Along the Sky Road to Aqaba and The Cleaner: S2.

What time is Sister Boniface on tonight? ›

Watch Sister Boniface Mysteries on Thursdays at 8pm on WITF TV or from the PBS Video app livestream.

In which episode of Sister Boniface does Father Brown appear? ›

Fashionable local newspaper editor Ruth Penny (Miranda Raison) and Constable Peggy Button (Ami Metcalf) round out the main cast, and Williams even makes an appearance as Father Brown in an episode called “My Brother's Keeper.”

When can I watch sister Boniface Season 2? ›

Sister Boniface Mysteries season 2 airs on UKTV's Drama channel from Friday, May 26, 2023. It will also be available as a box set on UKTV Play from the same date. The second season is also available on Britbox for US viewers, where you can also still watch the first season if you need to catch up.

Will Father Brown be in Sister Boniface? ›

Father Brown reunites with Sister Boniface and Sylvester McCoy joins the guest cast for Series 11 - Media Centre.

What day is sister Boniface on drama? ›

Sister Boniface Mysteries had previously been exclusive to BritBox, but since 2022 it's made it's home on free-to-view television, the perfect start to spring for Freesat users! You'll be able to watch episodes weekly on Fridays at 9pm on Drama channel, that's Freesat channel 158.

Who is the actress in Sister Boniface Mysteries? ›

Is Ruth coming back to Sister Boniface? ›

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Lorna Watson will return to play the titular role in season 2. Max Brown will return as Sam Gillespie, Miranda Raison returns as Ruth Penny, Ami Metcalf returns as Peggy Button, and Jerry Iwu will also be back as Felix Livingstone.

Which channel is Sister Boniface Mysteries on? ›

Image of Which channel is Sister Boniface Mysteries on?
BritBox is an online digital video subscription service, founded by BBC Studios and ITV, operating in nine countries across North America, Europe, Australia and South Africa.

How many episodes are in season 2 of sister? ›

Season 2 episodes (22) Preston presses Danni to let her guard down and be vulnerable with him.

When did Sister, Sister season 2 come out? ›

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First aired
219November 16, 1994
322September 6, 1995
422September 4, 1996
3 more rows

What year did Sister, Sister season 2 come out? ›

Product information
Run time‎7 hours and 10 minutes
Actors‎Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry, Tyrone Batista, Jacke Harry, Damon Hines
Release dateMay 19, 2009
7 more rows

Who plays Alfie in Sister Boniface? ›

Jay Simpson: Alfie Lynch.

Who is the one armed guitarist in Sister Boniface? ›

Guitarist Max Runham was born with one arm.

What religion is Father Brown based on? ›

Father Brown is a fictional Roman Catholic priest and amateur detective who is featured in 53 short stories published between 1910 and 1936 written by English novelist G. K. Chesterton.

What's coming to binge 2023? ›

Best new movies and TV series on BINGE: May 2023
  • White House Plumbers (May 2)
  • Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai: Season 1 (May 25)
  • Succession and Barry series finales (May 29)
  • Confess, Fletch (May 2)
  • The Woman King (May 20)
  • Carnifex (May 25)
Apr 26, 2023

Is BritBox coming to an end? ›

Back in March 2022, we reported that BritBox was going to change significantly, and get “folded into” ITVX once the new service came to be. At the time, BritBox also confirmed to us that it will no longer produce original content, and some existing BritBox originals moved over to ITVX for their future seasons.

What series are coming to Amazon Prime in 2023? ›

What's new on Amazon Prime Video in 2023? Our pick of the top 13 TV shows and movies to get excited about this year
  • The Rig. ...
  • Shotgun Wedding (film) ...
  • Carnival Row season 2. ...
  • Clarkson's Farm season 2. ...
  • Daisy Jones & The Six. ...
  • How to Date Billy Walsh (film) ...
  • Fifteen Love. ...
  • Good Omens season 2.

What happened to Sister Boniface Mysteries? ›

A 10-episode first series premiered on 8 February 2022, on the BritBox streaming service, and released in the UK on the UKTV Drama channel later in 2022. Sister Boniface Mysteries was commissioned for a second series which began streaming in the US on Britbox on 3 April 2023.

Is Sister Boniface on tonight? ›

There are no TV Airings of Sister Boniface Mysteries in the next 14 days.

How many episodes are in the new Father Brown series? ›

How many episodes are in the new season? There will be 10 episodes in total in Father Brown season 10, with all of them becoming available on BBC iPlayer on Friday 6th January 2023. The episodes are titled as followed: The Winds of Change.

What time period does Father Brown take place in? ›

In the early 1950s, Father Brown, a Roman Catholic priest based in the fictional Cotswold village of Kembleford, uses his distinctive skills to solve various crimes.

Which is the 100th episode of Father Brown? ›

This is the 100th episode in the Father Brown (2013) series. The events take place on New Year's Eve 1953. "The Masque of the Red Death" is a short story by Edgar Allen Poe published in 1854. The episode parallels the short story.

How many seasons of Father Brown are there? ›

The series is loosely based on short stories by G. K. Chesterton. As of 17 February 2023, 110 episodes of Father Brown have aired, currently in its tenth series.

What year is Wednesday Season 2 coming out on Netflix? ›

So, unfortunately, fans will be waiting until 2024 to see Wednesday season 2. We wish it wasn't so, but that's the reality of the situation. More unfortunately, Wednesday isn't the only big Netflix show we'll miss in 2023. We're well into spring 2023, and we haven't heard much about production on Wednesday season 2.

How many episodes was Sister Boniface in Father Brown? ›

Sister Boniface Mysteries on UKTV Drama and BritBox US features a sleuthing nun from 'Father Brown' investigating 1960s crimes. Sister Boniface Mysteries is a 12-part crime series set in 1960s' rural England.

Is the Father Brown series ending? ›

Fans of Father Brown can celebrate, as one of the stars of the cult period drama series has confirmed that it will return to our screens for an 11th series. Speaking to the Express, Claudie Blakley - who plays Mrs Devine - said that Father Brown will be back. “Fortunately, there is a season 11.

Did Netflix remove Father Brown? ›

Alas, Father Brown is not on Netflix anymore. The series officially left Netflix in late March 2020.

Is Father Brown supposed to be Catholic? ›

Father Brown is a fictional Roman Catholic priest and amateur detective. He features in 53 short stories by English author G. K. Chesterton, published between 1910 and 1936. Father Brown solves mysteries and crimes using his intuition and keen understanding of human nature.

What year is Sister Boniface set in? ›

“The Sister Boniface Mysteries is set in 1960s rural Warwickshire and follows the investigations of Sister Boniface, Bride of Christ, vintner, and Crime Scene Investigator. Police forensics is rudimentary by today's standards. DNA is yet to be discovered.

What time does Father Brown come on PBS? ›

Father Brown | Thursdays at 8 p.m.

Where is Father Brown? ›

Where is Father Brown set? Father Brown is set in the picturesque, fictional village of Kembleford, which in the series is located in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. This is in contrast to G K Chesterton's short stories, the source material for the series.

Who is Miss Thimble in Sister Boniface Mysteries? ›

Sister Boniface Mysteries (TV Series 2022– ) - Sarah Crowden as Miss Thimble - IMDb.

Does Father Brown show up in Sister Boniface? ›

Father Brown investigates in the convent with the help of Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson), a young nun keen on detective fiction. The Bride of Christ Sister Boniface is back as the head sleuth with her own cozy mystery series.

Is Father Brown coming back in 2023? ›

In the UK, season 10 began airing on 6 January 2023 on BBC One, with new episodes airing weekly into February and early March. In the US, season 10 of Father Brown will air on BritBox beginning June 13th, with 2 new episodes each week. There are a total of ten episodes of roughly 50 minutes each.

How is Sister Boniface related to Father Brown? ›

Sister Boniface first appeared in "The Bride of Christ," a Season 1 episode of mystery series Father Brown, when the wine-making, Agatha Christie-reading nun helped Mark Williams' titular priest solve two murders.

Is Inspector Mallory leaving Father Brown? ›

In particular, three major stars have not returned for the new series of Father Brown: Sorcha Cusack, Emer Kenny and Jack Deam, who played Bridgette McCarthy, Bunty Windermere and Inspector Mallory respectively. This has left many fans wondering why the new series has seen such a big overhaul.

Is Lady Felicia coming back to Father Brown? ›

They will grow on you and they have truly breathed new life into the show.” Burton confirmed: “For the moment, we have said goodbye to a few characters who have been brilliant to work with over the years, BUT we welcome back Chief Inspector Sullivan and of course, Lady Felicia and Flambeau.

Is Mrs McCarthy coming back to Father Brown? ›

This trio of actors, who respectively play the roles of Bridgette McCarthy, Inspector Mallory and Bunty Windermere, will not feature in the new series of Father Brown. Some viewers may be saddened by this, but there is a reason behind this move, as explained by star John Burton.

What day is Sister Boniface on drama? ›

Sister Boniface Mysteries had previously been exclusive to BritBox, but since 2022 it's made it's home on free-to-view television, the perfect start to spring for Freesat users! You'll be able to watch episodes weekly on Fridays at 9pm on Drama channel, that's Freesat channel 158.

What is the secret of Father Brown about? ›

Publisher's Summary

Father Brown, an unassuming and shabbily dressed priest, possesses an incredible ability to solve crimes and murders. Here he reveals the secret of his success. He discovers the culprit by imagining himself to be inside the mind of the criminal.

Who was the real Father Brown? ›

Father Brown solves mysteries and crimes using his intuition and keen understanding of human nature. Chesterton loosely based him on the Rt Rev. Msgr John O'Connor (1870–1952), a parish priest in Bradford, who was involved in Chesterton's conversion to Catholicism in 1922.
Father Brown
Created byG. K. Chesterton
8 more rows


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