"I Like That" by Bruno Mars - Song Meanings & Facts (2023)

As a mainstream pop musician, one of the things you are regularly asked to do is release tracks that are like a compressed part of a song. And during the 21stcallecentury to date, few if any have been as successful in achieving this goal as effectively as Bruno Mars.

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Well, apparently one of the reasons he's so good at party songs is because he really lives that life. lifestyle full of“Cadillacs and Champagne”.And Mars' personal aspiration with this song is also "(give) a day in the life".

"That's what I like" is a "Certificate"FanfarroniceSong

Or, put more simply, "That's What I Like" is an arrogant piece because, after all, as the title reveals, it's not like putting the presented narrative in a third-person perspective. Fundamentally, it's based on the idea of ​​the vocalist being, shall we say, filthy rich.

And while there might be nothing wrong with poorer people like us fantasizing about Manhattan condos, taking regular trips to Puerto Rico, rocking in white diamonds and sleeping on silk sheets, for us this lyric really is a fantasy.

Therefore, despite Bruno's great ambitions, we will interpret this song as indicative of his lifestyle, rather than placing ourselves in his character per se.

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But at the same time, it's as if stories of extreme wealth have always fascinated humanity. So this would logically be one of the reasons why the masses embraced this work despite having no working knowledge of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Or, as presented above, it is Mars that is indoctrinating us in the ways of the one percent.

The recipient and the thesis of the song

There is also another part of this narrative that we can all relate to. And this is based on the fact that, as already mentioned, the vocalist's wealth mainly serves as a premise. And what that leads to is the real thesis of the track. Said thesis is him sporting such attributes in the name of impressing the recipient. And said recipient is a romantic interest.

In fact, what Bruno is really saying, in regards to the title/chorus, is that she, the recipient, is the "lucky one". That's because he ended up catching the attention of someone, which is the vocalist, who is not only rich but also willing to show him a good time internationally.

In other words, she'll be the beneficiary of 'what he likes' since, as established, he's chilling like that anyway. So it's like just being his girlfriend gives her a chance to enjoy the rich life. So she is lucky enough to live the standard romantic dream where women are concerned, namely having a rich man fall in love with her. And as such, in the bridge, the vocalist is also telling the recipient that he can use his resources, so to speak, based on his own needs and desires also in terms of “having fun”.

Or just, underneath all the 24K glitz, this really is a love song. And what the singer seems to say, conclusively, is that he is willing to use all the resources at his disposal in the name of arranging a meeting of mutual enjoyment with the recipient.

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Writing and producing "That's What I Like"

This song was produced by two different groups, Shampoo Press & Curl along with The Stereotypes. And individual members of these entities are also credited as the writers of "That's What I Like".

In the case of the former, it would be Bruno Mars, Brody Brown and Philip Laurence. And as for the latter, Stereotypes consists of the following:

  • jonathan yip
  • jeremy reeves
  • Father Romulus
  • Ray Charles McCullough II

Also James Fauntleroy, who helped create hits for Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, is another author of this song. In fact, as the story goes, Mars was obsessed with making "That's What I Like" as perfect as possible. So he was the one who personally recruited Fauntleroy to participate.

Release of "That's What I Like"

This track is from Bruno Mars' third feature film "24K Magic" (2016). The said project failed to top the Billboard 200, leaving only a short spot. However, it was still certified triple platinum in the US and North. That's because, in addition to that particular song, the title track also became a huge hit, as did Bruno's first collaboration with Cardi B, "Fineness“, appearing on it.

But to observe his 2014 success“funk from another area” did not appear on this or any other Bruno Mars album. Instead, it's part of its headliner, Mark Ronson's 2015 project titled "Uptown Special".

bruno marsfirst zombadothat song or more specifically the fact that he was working on “24K Magic” in September 2014.

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Meanwhile, Atlantic Records released "That's What I Like" on the date of January 30, 2016. It was eventually chosen to serve as the second single from "24K Magic", although previously the plan was for another track, "versace on the floor“, to fulfill this role. The latter was eventually released as the album's third single.

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"That's What I Like" turned out to be the biggest hit featured on "24K Magic", and to simply say it was a hit as a single would be an understatement. For example, the song has been nominated for a large number of awards through institutions such as the following:

  • Prêmios Teen Choice
  • Prêmios Nickelodeon Kids' Choice
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards

And it ended up taking home some notable accolades. For example, in 2018 he was the first winner of an NAACP Image Awards atexcellent songcategory. Music took home a 2017 AMA forFavorite soul/R&B songand also won thesong of the yeardistinction during that season's Soul Train Music Awards.

Even more impressive, the following year he was awarded the same title at theGrammy, in addition to taking home theBest R&B PerformanceyBest R&B Songcompliments

even more success

The music video for this song also won its own American Music Award and NAACP Image Award, respectively in the categories ofvideo of the yearyexcellent music videoAdditionally, 2017 also saw the photo take home an MTV Video Music Award Japan forbest male video.

And the said clip was actually directed by Bruno Mars himself, who made it along with Jonathan Lia. Additionally, while the song itself didn't win the aforementioned Grammy Awards until the following year, the 2017 Grammy Awards marked the first time Mars performed "That's What I Like" live.

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Global chart success

And now comes the part where we dive into her chart success and global certifications. "That's What I Like" was a real international hit. It has charted in nearly 40 countries across 5 continents. Unusually for a hit of this magnitude, however, it only reached number one in Mars' native United States. But in that sense, it topped 4 different Billboard charts, not just the Hot 100 but also the following charts:

  • Rhythmic
  • top 40 top
  • Popular R&B/Hip-Hop songs

Furthermore, this song reached multi-platinum status in four countries. Well, it actually went diamond in the US, making it the fifth time a Bruno Mars single (or one he was featured on) has sold at least 10 million copies in his homeland.

bruno mars

Bruno Mars had established himself as a very successful singer even before this song was released. In fact, their first album "Doo-Woops & Hooligans" produced quite a few tracks: their debut single "Just the Way You". Are" and its follow-up, "Grenade", which sold over 10,000,000 copies in the US alone.

The other two songs we mentioned earlier that also did are "When I Was Your Man" (2013) and "Mark Ronson"funk from another area"(2014). But know that while these tracks may have been huge hits commercially, none of them won as many Grammy Awards as "That's What I Like."

Where was "That's What I Like" recorded?

This song was recorded in California at Glenwood Place Studios. It was later mixed in Virginia Beach at MixStar Studios and mastered in New York at Sterling Sound.

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