Hogwarts™: First Flight Lesson 76395 – LEGO® Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™ sets – LEGO.com for kids (2023)


    Hogwarts™: First Flight Lesson 76395 – LEGO® Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™ sets – LEGO.com for kids (1)


    Grab your broom, it's time for a flying lesson with Mrs. Hooch! Neville Longbottom™ mounts his broom and takes a wild ride across the rooftops of Hogwarts™. He finally hangs from the statue and drops his precious Remembrall™. Draco Malfoy™ picks it up and flies away on his broom. Develop your flying skills to help Neville - and join Madam Hooch's next lesson: Quidditch Practice™!


    building instructions

    76395 Hogwarts™: First Flying Lesson

    • Building Instructions (1/1) 18 MB
      • 76416

        LEGO® Harry Potter™

        Kufer do Quidditch™

        Open a chest full of magical Quidditch™ fun! Team up with Harry Potter™, Draco Malfoy™, Cedric Diggory or Cho Chang... or create your own players. Play alone or compete with a friend in 3 games: shoot the Quaffle at the goals, throw Bludgers at the Beater and catch the Golden Snitch™. When the House Cup is won, pack your trunk and get ready for your next visit to the Wizarding World!

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        • 76422

          LEGO® Harry Potter™

          Diagon Alley™: Weasleys™ Magic Wheezes

          Take a magical shopping trip to Diagon Alley™ with Romilda Vane, Lavender Brown and Ginny and Ron Weasley™! Leave your mail at the Owl Post, then visit Weasleys' Magic Jokes™ joke shop. Check out all the amazing products, from Puking Pastilles to Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. Buy a dwarf puff and a frisbee with teeth and take them back to Hogwarts™ to show off to your friends.

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          • 76397

            LEGO® Harry Potter™

            Hogwarts™ Moment: Defense Class

            (Video) LEGO Harry Potter 76395 Hogwarts™ First Flying Lesson - Lego Speed Build Review

            Unlock your LEGO® booklet and enter Professor Mad-Eye Moody's classroom at Hogwarts™! Join Hermione Granger™ and Neville Longbottom™ as they practice spells, try out magical equipment and discover what or who is trapped in the chest! When class is over, close the lid to take the kit with you wherever you go.

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            • Take the secret passage to the Shrieking Shack to save Ron; Whomping Willow™ spins and catches Hermione; Harry tries to save his friend; there's a full moon that turns Lupine into a werewolf... Recreate incredible scenes from Harry Potter™ and the Prisoner of Azkaban™ and share endless new magical adventures with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius Black™, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin.

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              • 76414

                LEGO® Harry Potter™

                I'm waiting for a guardian

                Cast a powerful Patronus spell to protect yourself from the Dementors™! Use Harry Potter's wand (and your magical building skills) to create a Patronus stag. Place the deer on the Harry Potter™ minifigure stand. Use the same bricks to conjure Professor Remus Lupine's Wolf Patronus and show off your magical transformation!

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                • 76415

                  LEGO® Harry Potter™

                  Enter Hogwarts™

                  Voldemort's army is attacking Hogwarts™ Castle! Team up with Molly Weasley™ to fend off Bellatrix Lestrange's attack. Use the Sword of Gryffindor™ to help Neville Longbottom™ destroy Nagini, then join Harry Potter™ on the bridge and courtyard to cast a spell and defeat Voldemort™. Who will triumph in this brick-built recreation of the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows™ - Part 2?

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                  • 76400

                    LEGO® Harry Potter™

                    Hogwarts™ carriage and Thestrals

                    Enter the Forbidden Forest with Harry Potter™ and Luna Lovegood™ and find an adult Thestral and a baby foraging in the trees! Make friends with mysterious winged creatures by offering them an apple and a piece of meat to eat. Then attach the carriage to the adult thestral and ride from Hogwarts™ to Hogsmeade™ and back!

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                    • (Video) Best LEGO Set Ever! LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043


                      LEGO® Harry Potter™

                      Hogwarts™ Hospital Wing

                      The Hospital Wing at Hogwarts™ has everything a poor student needs. Ron hurt his leg. Will Madam Pomfrey's potions and Bertie Bott's Bean of All Flavors cheer you up? If not, try a bottle of Skele-gro. Meanwhile, at the clock tower, Harry and Hermione use the Time Turner™. Spin the tower to make the clock hands spin and travel back in time for another magical adventure!

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                      • 76408

                        LEGO® Harry Potter™

                        Largo Grimmauld 12

                        Magically transform an ordinary-looking building to reveal the hidden headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix™! This three-story building is filled with incredible adventures and spectacular scenes from the Harry Potter™ movies. Join famous characters as they explore Sirius Black's bedroom, the Black family tree tapestry and many other magical locations and amazing features from the famous secret society.

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                        • 76402

                          LEGO® Harry Potter™

                          Hogwart™: Gabinete Dumbledore'a

                          You'll find magic and adventure in every room at Hogwarts™, with Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore™, Snape™, Filch and Mrs. Pinch. Check out the Sorting Hat and Sword of Gryffindor™. In Dumbledore's office, the Pensieve reveals hidden memories and baby Fawkes rises from the ashes. Harry uses his Invisibility Cloak to secretly visit a restricted section of the library where the books come to life!

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                          • 76413

                            LEGO® Harry Potter™

                            Hogwarts™: Room of Requirement

                            Help Harry Potter™ and Hermione Granger™ find the Horcrux diadem! Follow the Gray Lady's instructions and go to the mysterious Room of Requirement. Search the piles of rubbish to find the diadem. But beware - Fiendfyre has turned into a fiery serpent! Fly on broomsticks to escape the fire. Rescue Draco Malfoy™ and Blaise Zabini and get out of there before the Fiendfyre gets you!

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                            • 76396

                              LEGO® Harry Potter™

                              Hogwarts™ Moment: Divination Class

                              Open the cover of your brick book and you'll magically find yourself in Professor Trelawney's Divination class at Hogwarts™! Here you can practice your clairvoyant skills with a crystal ball, study the mystical book of prophecies with Parvati or look into a Harry Potter™ fortune telling cup and read in the tea leaves. When class is over, just close the lids until next time.

                              (Video) LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Magical Trunk 76399 Stop Motion Speed Build

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                            LEGO® Harry Potter™ movie

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                              • Harry Potter

                                Buckbeak Rescue - Discover your Hogwarts™

                                Buckbeak™ is in danger! Discover your Hogwarts™ as Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger™ and Ron Weasley™ use their wits and skill to thwart the execution and save the proud Hippogriff.

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                                • Harry Potter

                                  Expect customers - discover your Hogwarts™

                                  A powerful amulet that will save you from danger! Can Harry Potter's amazing Patronus deer help you save Sirius Black™ from the evil Dementors™? Discover your Hogwarts™ when you know!

                                  Watch the video

                                  • Harry Potter

                                    Hogwarts™ Clock Tower

                                    Watch the video

                                    • Harry Potter

                                      Unlock the magic of your Hogwarts™ chest!

                                      Add some cool stickers to personalize your Hogwarts™ chest, then turn the key to unlock the magical fun! Build the famous minifigures from the Harry Potter™ movies, create your own Sorting Ceremony, gather for a feast in the Great Hall and have fun in the Common Room. When the action is over, pack your trunk and get ready for your next visit to the Wizarding World™.

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                                      • (Video) EVERY Golden LEGO Harry Potter 20 Year Anniversary Minifigure

                                        Harry Potter

                                        Express yourself - for a week of magical fun!

                                        Over the next week, we focus on self-expression. So look out for all kinds of cool stuff to help your individuality shine through!

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                                        • Harry Potter

                                          Want to create magical masterpieces?

                                          For the next week, we'll be focused on bringing your creative ideas to life! So get ready to conjure up your most magical LEGO® creations! And if you need some inspiration, watch this cool video.

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                                          • Harry Potter

                                            A magical message for you from Luna Lovegood™

                                            In this video, actress Evanna Lynch - Luna Lovegood™ from the Harry Potter™ films - has an enchanting message for LEGO® builders around the world: what turns a pile of bricks into something amazing is you. The magic is you!

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                                            • Harry Potter

                                              The Hungarian Horntail Challenge - Find Your Hogwarts™

                                              See Harry Potter™ bravely face the fire-breathing Horntailed Hungarian Dragon in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. Can he outsmart this dangerous beast and retrieve the golden egg? Discover your Hogwarts™ and find out! go Harry!

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                                              • Harry Potter

                                                LEGO Harry Potter 2 launch trailer

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                                                • Harry Potter

                                                  If you built it, show it!

                                                  For the entire next week, we're going to focus on the pride show. So get ready to position and pose your LEGO® models to make them look their best.

                                                  Watch the video

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                                                (Video) LEGO Harry Potter 76392 HOGWARTS WIZARD'S CHESS Review! (2021)


                                                How long does Lego Hogwarts take? ›

                                                The LEGO® set “71043: Hogwarts Castle” contains of 6020 pieces and has 28 minifigures and weighs 7.520 grams. Building time of this set is 16 – 17 hours. Its package dimensions are 58.50 cm width, 48.50 cm height and 18.50 cm depth.

                                                How much is lego 76395? ›

                                                LEGO Hogwarts: First Flying Lesson 76395 – $29.99.

                                                When was Lego 76398 released? ›

                                                LEGO 76398 Hogwarts Hospital Wing is a 510 piece Harry Potter set with 4 minifigs released in 2022.

                                                What to expect on your first flying lesson? ›

                                                Usually a first lesson will involve roughly half an hour or a bit more time up in the air to cover some basics before you descend. You'll have a similar landing checklist as you did for takeoff, and receive landing instructions from air traffic control.

                                                What is LEGO so expensive? ›

                                                All in all, there are 12 types of plastic being used in LEGO's models. Aside from the materials used, LEGO also has a stringent manufacturing process with high precision. LEGO's molds and presses have tolerances as small as 10 micrometers (0.39 inch, 0.01M) only.

                                                What is the expensive LEGO most? ›

                                                Whether you're looking to build the most valuable set collection, or just want to gawk at the prices, read on to find our full list of the most expensive LEGO on the market in 2023.
                                                The most expensive LEGO sets in 2023 are:
                                                LEGO setValue
                                                LEGO Castle (1978 variant)$9,900
                                                LEGO Cloud City$9,762
                                                LEGO Wooden Toys$2,000
                                                4 more rows
                                                Apr 26, 2023

                                                How much will LEGO 75337 cost? ›

                                                LEGO 75337 AT-TE Walker is a 1,082 piece Star Wars set with 8 minifigs released in 2022. The current retail price is $139.99, however, the average sales listings on the secondary markets is closer to $146. The set is estimated to retire sometime within mid to late 2023.

                                                How do you get 200 gold bricks in Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                There are 200 Gold Brick items available in the game. You can obtain four bricks within each of the 24 story mode stages by successfully completing the stage for the first time, by earning a 'True Wizard' rating, by rescuing the stage's Student in Peril and for completing the House Crest assembly.

                                                How long is the longest LEGO? ›

                                                Measuring in at over one metre long, 10294 Titanic beats every other LEGO set ever made as the longest model of all time. This recreation of the engineering icon is also one of the biggest builds ever made and includes interior details, working engines and more.

                                                How to get a slytherin character in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4? ›

                                                Slytherin Boy – Using a Slytherin character (Marcus Flint is an easy one to get) or Dumbledore make your way into the Slytherin dorm. Inside blast the picture to cause the couch to drop a box, then blast the box to release this token.

                                                What age is Hogwarts Castle LEGO for? ›

                                                Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard.

                                                What is the oldest LEGO brick? ›

                                                In 1949 LEGO produced its first plastic brick, a precursor to its signature brick with interlocking studs on the top and tubes on the bottom. It was patented in 1958 by Christiansen's son Godtfred Kirk, who replaced his father as the head of the company.

                                                What is the oldest LEGO? ›

                                                1956 marked the birth of the first ever Lego set–the Lego System 236 Garage with Automatic Door, which was the first set introduced under the Lego System. This set was revolutionary for its time, as it brought together the fun of building and playing with a classic car garage.

                                                When did LEGO 21314 release? ›

                                                Here's the press release for the next Ideas set that's released on March 31st: 21314 TRON: Legacy, 230 pieces.

                                                Are flying lessons safe? ›

                                                The reality is being a student pilot is the safest way to fly. As a student pilot, you will have a very low chance of experiencing an accident. Statistics show that student pilots have some of the lowest accident rates.

                                                What should I wear for a flying lesson? ›

                                                A: You should wear comfortable clothes. During the winter it might be a little chilly, so wear a sweater or a coat. In the summer, please wear lightweight clothing that is comfortable because it can get a little warm during the flight. There are no air conditioners in the training planes.

                                                Does flying first class help anxiety? ›

                                                From a nervous flyer's perspective, flying Business or First is so much better and different compared to Economy or Cattle Class, since the latter brings up the worst in one's behavior, substantially lowering the stress and anxiety thresholds of everyone in that cabin.

                                                Why is LEGO cheaper in USA? ›

                                                Our selling costs in Europe and Asia are higher than in the US because of the size of US market and retailers (economies of scale). Furthermore, the US market is by far the most price competitive in the world. These factors combined mean that we have for years priced our products higher in eg Europe than the US.

                                                Why is LEGO so addictive? ›

                                                Children today are more adept than previous generations at noticing what stands out in a crowd, and craving originality. Lego calls this essential aspect of play “the joy of building, and the pride of creation.” It's that feeling of, “look what I did!” that is a fundamental truth for us all, long after we've grown-up.

                                                Why are LEGO sets retired? ›

                                                LEGO is a company that's constantly announcing and releasing new sets. And since production capabilities and retail shelf space are in limited supply, these sets can't stay available forever. That's why LEGO is also constantly retiring sets.

                                                What is the rarest Lego brick? ›

                                                Only a handful of 14k solid gold Lego® brick pieces have ever been produced, making them the rarest and also the most expensive Lego piece ever made. A certain piece was sold for $15,000 at an online auction held in 2020.

                                                What is the rarest Lego minifigure? ›

                                                Solid Gold 14K C-3PO (2007)

                                                The most expensive Lego® Minifigure is the Solid Gold 14K C-3PO coming in at around $200,000! Released in 2007 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars franchise, this rare minifigure is prized by collectors for its exceptional rarity - only five were ever made!

                                                Is buying Lego A Good Investment? ›

                                                LEGOs are worth more than gold

                                                They found that the market prices of retired LEGO sets, when sold on secondary marketplaces, grew by at least 11% annually. This is higher than the average returns for gold, large stocks, bonds, and other types of investments.

                                                Is 75312 retired? ›

                                                LEGO Star Wars 75312 Boba Fett's Starship will be on shelves a little longer than originally anticipated, as its scheduled retirement has been delayed to 2023. For the past few months, the ship formerly known as Slave I has been slated to leave production by the end of 2022.

                                                Is 75316 retired? ›

                                                It is based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was retired in December 2022 with a lifespan of 16 months. The current value for a new and sealed Mandalorian Starfighter is estimated at $96 with an average yearly gain of about 11%.

                                                Is LEGO 75315 retiring? ›

                                                A whole bunch of Mandalorian-themed sets are also on the way out in 2022, including 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser, 75319 The Armorer's Mandalorian Forge, and even 75321 The Razor Crest Microfighter, which just launched earlier this month.

                                                What is the biggest Hogwarts LEGO build? ›

                                                Lego® Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts Castle is the largest and most detailed Lego set ever created in the Harry Potter series. This magical castle features over 6,000 pieces. It is an impressive set that will be sure to bring a smile to any Harry Potter fan's face.

                                                Are there more than 200 gold bricks in Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                There are 200 Gold Brick items available in the game. You can obtain four bricks within each of the 24 story mode stages by successfully completing the stage for the first time, by earning a 'True Wizard' rating, by rescuing the stage's Student in Peril and for completing the House Crest assembly.

                                                How many gold Harry Potter Legos are there? ›

                                                These six golden minifigures can be found in the following sets: Harry Potter: #76386 LEGO HP Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake. Hermione Granger: #76387 LEGO HP Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter.

                                                What Lego set is Voldemort in? ›

                                                LEGO Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire The Rise of Voldemort 75965 Building Kit (184 Pieces)

                                                Which Lego set has gold Voldemort? ›

                                                HP312: Lord Voldemort - 20th Anniversary Pearl Gold | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database.

                                                Does Lego sell a gold brick? ›

                                                Specifications. Now you can own your very own LEGO® gold brick, a fan-favorite element!

                                                Where is the 2x Red Brick in Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                All that you need to do is access the Slytherin common room (either a Slytherin student or Professor Dumbledore is required), then head down the stairs at its center to reach the dorm room. The Red Brick is in plain sight along the right side of the room. Carry it left and give it to the owl to claim the brick.

                                                Where is Red Brick 1 in Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                Info: This brick is available as soon as you start the game and can be purchased at the emporium for the price indicated. It turns your characters completely black so that they resemble silhouettes.

                                                How many pieces are in LEGO 76392? ›

                                                Product Information
                                                Educational Objective(s)‎Social Skills
                                                Model Number‎76392
                                                Number of pieces876
                                                Assembly Required‎Yes
                                                Batteries Required?‎No
                                                7 more rows

                                                How many pieces are in LEGO 76388? ›

                                                (22 cm) high, 11.5 in. (30 cm) wide and 3.5 in. (9 cm) deep. Contains 851 pieces.

                                                Is Lego 76392 retiring? ›

                                                76403 The Ministry of Magic, meanwhile, is (for now) the only LEGO Harry Potter set from the current batch that will be available in 2025. So, no immediate rush on those – more pressing are the 15 sets retiring this year, among which are the likes of 75980 Attack on the Burrow and 76392 Hogwarts Wizard's Chess.

                                                Is Lego set 76392 retired? ›

                                                Set Value (New/Sealed)

                                                It includes Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and a golden Professor Severus Snape minifigure and three wizard card tiles. It was retired in December 2022 with a lifespan of 18 months.

                                                How big is lego 76392? ›

                                                LEGO 76392 Hogwarts Wizard's Chess
                                                Not suited for children younger than 3 years
                                                Weight892 grams
                                                Dimensions (LxWxH)38,2 x 26,2 x 7 cm
                                                Amount of parts860
                                                8 more rows

                                                Is LEGO 76389 retired? ›

                                                The set is estimated to retire sometime within mid to late 2023. Once retired, the expected annual growth will be close to 6% after the second year, which will value the set between $180 and $190 shortly after it is retired. Retirement risk.

                                                Which Harry Potter LEGO sets fit together? ›

                                                The following sets can be combined to create Hogwarts Castle.
                                                • 4709 Hogwarts Castle.
                                                • 4707 Hagrid's Hut.
                                                • 4706 Forbidden Corridor.
                                                • 4704 Chamber of the Winged Keys.
                                                • 4705 Snape's Classroom.
                                                • 4721 Hogwarts Classrooms.
                                                • 4712 Troll on the Loose.
                                                • 4722 Gryffindor House.

                                                Who are the characters in LEGO 76389? ›

                                                10 minifigures: Harry Potter™, Ginny Weasley, Tom Riddle, Colin Creevey, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Luna Lovegood™, Gilderoy Lockhart, Albus Dumbledore™, Professor Sinistra and Nearly Headless Nick.

                                                What book is the Polyjuice potion mistake in? ›

                                                Magical 20th-anniversary LEGO® Harry Potter™ set recreating the Polyjuice scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets™.

                                                Who does Hermione transform into? ›

                                                In "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," the second film in the magical franchise, Emma Watson's Hermione Granger is transformed into a half-human, half-cat after accidentally adding a piece of cat hair to a transfiguration potion.

                                                Where is Hogsmeade located in real life? ›

                                                Goathland Station, North Yorkshire

                                                This setting was transformed into Hogsmeade station in Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone.

                                                How tall is LEGO Hogsmeade? ›

                                                Measuring over 8.5 in. (22 cm) high, 11.5 in. (30 cm) wide and 3.5 in. (9 cm) deep, LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogsmeade™ Village Visit is crammed to the rooftops with authentic details.


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