Hogwarts Express™ - Collector's Edition 76405 - LEGO® Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™ sets - LEGO.com for kids (2023)


    Hogwarts Express™ - Collector's Edition 76405 - LEGO® Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™ sets - LEGO.com for kids (1)


    Complete your own special journey aboard the wizarding world's most iconic vehicle: the Hogwarts Express™. This stunning approximately 1:32 scale model with authentic detailing inside and out, built on a rail base over 118 cm long, includes the famous red locomotive, coal car, 3-bedroom passenger car and a cast of 20 LEGO® Harry Potter™ minifigures.

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    76405 Hogwarts Express™ - Collector's Edition

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        • 76414

          LEGO® Harry Potter™

          I'm waiting for a guardian

          Cast a powerful Patronus spell to protect yourself from the Dementors™! Use Harry Potter's wand (and your magical building skills) to create a Patronus stag. Place the deer on the Harry Potter™ minifigure stand. Use the same bricks to conjure Professor Remus Lupine's Wolf Patronus and show off your magical transformation!

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          • 76416

            LEGO® Harry Potter™

            Kufer do Quidditch™

            Open a chest full of magical Quidditch™ fun! Team up with Harry Potter™, Draco Malfoy™, Cedric Diggory or Cho Chang... or create your own players. Play alone or compete with a friend in 3 games: shoot the Quaffle at the goals, throw Bludgers at the Beater and catch the Golden Snitch™. When the House Cup is won, pack your trunk and get ready for your next visit to the Wizarding World!

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            • (Video) LEGO® Harry Potter™ | LEGO Hogwarts Express™ Play & Stay Competition


              LEGO® Harry Potter™

              Diagon Alley™: Weasleys™ Magic Wheezes

              Take a magical shopping trip to Diagon Alley™ with Romilda Vane, Lavender Brown and Ginny and Ron Weasley™! Leave your mail at the Owl Post, then visit Weasleys' Magic Jokes™ joke shop. Check out all the amazing products, from Puking Pastilles to Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. Buy a dwarf puff and a frisbee with teeth and take them back to Hogwarts™ to show off to your friends.

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              • Voldemort's army is attacking Hogwarts™ Castle! Team up with Molly Weasley™ to fend off Bellatrix Lestrange's attack. Use the Sword of Gryffindor™ to help Neville Longbottom™ destroy Nagini, then join Harry Potter™ on the bridge and courtyard to cast a spell and defeat Voldemort™. Who will triumph in this brick-built recreation of the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows™ - Part 2?

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                • 76420

                  LEGO® Harry Potter™

                  Triwizard Tournament: Black Lake

                  Start the second mission of the Triwizard Tournament™ in the Black Lake! With Hermione Granger™ and Ron Weasley™ suspended underwater, Harry Potter™ and Viktor Krum with his transfigured shark head must race to save them. Find Gillyweed to help Harry breathe underwater and give him fins. Dive in from the pier to rescue Hermione and Ron. But watch out for Merperson and Grindylow!

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                  • 76399

                    LEGO® Harry Potter™

                    Hogwarts™ Magic Chest

                    Customize the chest in your Hogwarts™ house colors, add cool stickers and turn the key to unlock the creative magic! Build minifigures from the Harry Potter™ movies and create your own Hogwarts students - then use the magical mix of bricks and pieces to bring your Hogwarts adventures to life. When the action is over, pack your trunk and get ready for your next visit to the Wizarding World.

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                    • 76403

                      LEGO® Harry Potter™

                      Ministry of Magic™

                      Join Harry, Ron and Hermione on a quest to break into the Ministry of Magic™ and steal the Slytherin™ locket Dolores Umbridge™. Use Polyjuice to change the appearance of three friends. Then search Umbridge's office, Arthur Weasley's office, the Hall of Prophecies and the Floo Atrium without getting caught by Yaxley, Pius and the Dementor™! Will they escape with the Horcrux? Only you can decide!

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                      • 76402

                        LEGO® Harry Potter™

                        Hogwart™: Gabinete Dumbledore'a

                        You'll find magic and adventure in every room at Hogwarts™, with Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore™, Snape™, Filch and Mrs. Pinch. Check out the Sorting Hat and Sword of Gryffindor™. In Dumbledore's office, the Pensieve reveals hidden memories and baby Fawkes rises from the ashes. Harry uses his Invisibility Cloak to secretly visit a restricted section of the library where the books come to life!

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                        (Video) Lego Harry Potter 75955 Hogwarts Express Speed Build
                        • 76390

                          LEGO® Harry Potter™

                          LEGO® Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar

                          Make Christmas preparations even more magical with the LEGO® Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar. Every day a different door opens with a surprise toy hidden inside. You'll discover 6 of your favorite minifigures, plus exciting items and charming accessories from the movies - everything you need to recreate Harry's journey from Privet Drive to Hogwarts™ and your own endless adventures.

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                          • 76396

                            LEGO® Harry Potter™

                            Hogwarts™ Moment: Divination Class

                            Open the cover of your brick book and you'll magically find yourself in Professor Trelawney's Divination class at Hogwarts™! Here you can practice your clairvoyant skills with a crystal ball, study the mystical book of prophecies with Parvati or look into a Harry Potter™ fortune telling cup and read in the tea leaves. When class is over, just close the lids until next time.

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                            • 76400

                              LEGO® Harry Potter™

                              Hogwarts™ carriage and Thestrals

                              Enter the Forbidden Forest with Harry Potter™ and Luna Lovegood™ and find an adult Thestral and a baby foraging in the trees! Make friends with mysterious winged creatures by offering them an apple and a piece of meat to eat. Then attach the carriage to the adult thestral and ride from Hogwarts™ to Hogsmeade™ and back!

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                              • 76409

                                LEGO® Harry Potter™

                                Banner of House Gryffindor™

                                Show your loyalty to Gryffindor™ with this magical banner made from bricks! Hang the Gryffindor crest on the wall or unfold the banner and join Harry Potter™, Angelina Johnson and Neville Longbottom™ in the Gryffindor common room. Grab the Golden Snitch or Sword of Gryffindor™. Or sit by the fire and play chess... and watch out for Sirius Black™ bursting into flames!

                                (Video) LEGO 2018 Hogwarts Express motorized & running! 75955

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                              LEGO® Harry Potter™ movie

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                                • Harry Potter

                                  Express yourself - for a week of magical fun!

                                  Over the next week, we focus on self-expression. So look out for all kinds of cool stuff to help your individuality shine through!

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                                  • Harry Potter

                                    Privet Drive Rescue #4

                                    After a long summer with the Dursleys at 4 Privet Drive and no letters from friends, Harry Potter™ suddenly finds the house-elf Dobby™ in his bedroom. Dobby will do anything to stop Harry Potter from returning to Hogwarts™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - even if it means getting Harry in trouble with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Now Ron Weasley™ must come to the rescue in his family's flying Ford Anglia.

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                                    • Harry Potter

                                      Expect customers - discover your Hogwarts™

                                      A powerful amulet that will save you from danger! Can Harry Potter's amazing Patronus deer help you save Sirius Black™ from the evil Dementors™? Discover your Hogwarts™ when you know!

                                      Watch the video

                                      • Harry Potter

                                        Buckbeak Rescue - Discover your Hogwarts™

                                        Buckbeak™ is in danger! Discover your Hogwarts™ as Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger™ and Ron Weasley™ use their wits and skill to thwart the execution and save the proud Hippogriff.

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                                        • (Video) Unboxing & Running the Brand New Lionel LionChief 5.0 Polar Express Train Set w/ Bluetooth

                                          Harry Potter

                                          LEGO Harry Potter 2 launch trailer

                                          Watch the video

                                          • Harry Potter

                                            Hogwarts™ Great Hall - LEGO® HARRY POTTER™ - 75954 Product Animation​

                                            Visit the heart of the Great Hall at Hogwarts™. Enjoy the party, get assigned to your house and visit your magical friends. Just make sure none of the teachers catch you flying on a broomstick.

                                            Watch the video

                                            • Harry Potter

                                              Want to create magical masterpieces?

                                              For the next week, we'll be focused on bringing your creative ideas to life! So get ready to conjure up your most magical LEGO® creations! And if you need some inspiration, watch this cool video.

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                                              • Harry Potter

                                                If you built it, show it!

                                                For the entire next week, we're going to focus on the pride show. So get ready to position and pose your LEGO® models to make them look their best.

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                                                • Harry Potter

                                                  Hogwarts™ Christmas Ball - Discover Your Hogwarts

                                                  The Yule Ball has begun and Harry Potter™ and Ron Weasley™ must quickly decide who to invite to the next ball... Find your Hogwarts™ and enjoy the night!

                                                  Watch the video

                                                  • Harry Potter

                                                    A magical message for you from Luna Lovegood™

                                                    In this video, actress Evanna Lynch - Luna Lovegood™ from the Harry Potter™ films - has an enchanting message for LEGO® builders around the world: what turns a pile of bricks into something amazing is you. The magic is you!

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                                                  (Video) LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043) Review


                                                  Is the Hogwarts Express LEGO set worth it? ›

                                                  For that price, you certainly get value for money. You end up with 5,129 pieces, 20 minifigures, and hours of fun. Looking at images of the Lego 76405 Hogwarts Express, it is hard to appreciate the scale of this Lego model. Once the Lego pieces are out of the box, you realize you are in for a real treat.

                                                  How long does it take to build LEGO Hogwarts Express collectors edition? ›

                                                  The LEGO® set “76405: Hogwarts Express – Collectors' Edition” contains of 5129 pieces and has 20 minifigures and weighs 7.200 grams. Building time of this set is 14 – 15 hours. Its package dimensions are 52.07 cm width, 48.26 cm height and 21.59 cm depth. It was released in 2022.

                                                  What is the biggest Harry Potter LEGO in the world? ›

                                                  Lego® Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts Castle is the largest and most detailed Lego set ever created in the Harry Potter series. This magical castle features over 6,000 pieces.

                                                  Which Harry Potter LEGO sets fit together? ›

                                                  The following sets can be combined to create Hogwarts Castle.
                                                  • 4709 Hogwarts Castle.
                                                  • 4707 Hagrid's Hut.
                                                  • 4706 Forbidden Corridor.
                                                  • 4704 Chamber of the Winged Keys.
                                                  • 4705 Snape's Classroom.
                                                  • 4721 Hogwarts Classrooms.
                                                  • 4712 Troll on the Loose.
                                                  • 4722 Gryffindor House.

                                                  Are expensive LEGO sets worth it? ›

                                                  Lego sets are valuable investments due to their durability and collectible nature. Star Wars Episode IV Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 valued between $350 and $1,600. H.C. Andersen's Clumsy Hans, a 2015 Lego Inside Tour exclusive, valued between $2,400 and $16,000.

                                                  Is LEGO Harry Potter a good investment? ›

                                                  After sets have retired you will often struggle to sell them for anything much higher than their RRP. For this reason it's hard to recommend any Harry Potter sets to any LEGO investors but if you are going to add some to your collection then Diagon Alley is probably one of the best ones to go for.

                                                  What is the hardest LEGO collection? ›

                                                  The most difficult LEGO constructions, do you dare with them?
                                                  • 1.1 Statue of Liberty.
                                                  • 1.2 Torre Eiffel.
                                                  • 1.3 Tower Bridge.
                                                  • 1.4 Sydney Opera House.
                                                  • 1.5 Taj Mahal.
                                                  • 1.6 the death star.
                                                  • 1.7 The Millennium Falcon.
                                                  • 1.8 Marvel's SHIELD ship.

                                                  Can you motorise the Lego Hogwarts Express? ›

                                                  The train's brand new wheels are compatible with regular LEGO track (when placed the correct number of studs apart), but Bessa ultimately decided that increasing the size of the Hogwarts Express's rails was necessary to prevent fans from even trying to motorise the model.

                                                  Are there more than 200 gold bricks in Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                  There are 200 Gold Brick items available in the game. You can obtain four bricks within each of the 24 story mode stages by successfully completing the stage for the first time, by earning a 'True Wizard' rating, by rescuing the stage's Student in Peril and for completing the House Crest assembly.

                                                  How many gold Harry Potter Legos are there? ›

                                                  These six golden minifigures can be found in the following sets: Harry Potter: #76386 LEGO HP Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake. Hermione Granger: #76387 LEGO HP Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter.

                                                  What is the next LEGO Harry Potter 2023? ›

                                                  The Summer 2023 LEGO Harry Potter wave adds highly anticipated settings like The Battle of Hogwarts, as well as a buildable LEGO Patronus with 76414 Expecto Patronum, which allows you to build Harry's Stag patronus, or Sirius Black's German Shepherd patronus.

                                                  Which Harry Potter LEGO set has Voldemort? ›

                                                  Specifications. There's magic, adventure and action with LEGO® Harry Potter™ 75965 The Rise of Voldemort™. In this iconic scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™, Harry is trapped on Tom Riddle's tombstone in a spooky graveyard while the deceitful Peter Pettigrew mixes a potion.

                                                  What LEGO set is Ginny Weasley in? ›

                                                  LEGO® hp219 Ginny Weasley - ToyPro.

                                                  What is the rarest Lego? ›

                                                  14K Gold C-3PO

                                                  They made five, in fact, making this the rarest Lego minifigure ever. They weren't actually something you could buy when they were first produced; instead, they were part of a giveaway. Those lucky enough to win them have a treasure on their hands. One sold for $300,000 in 2008.

                                                  Do Lego sets lose value? ›

                                                  As the modular sets are released and retired, their values will rise over time. So even if those sets haven't yet doubled in value, down the road, they'll gain that value quickly. Some will inevitably become rarer and more expensive than others, but they're a sure bet for any LEGO collection.

                                                  Which Harry Potter LEGO is retiring? ›

                                                  Beyond 2023, 2024 looks to be a potentially expensive year with many of the larger LEGO Harry Potter models retiring, including 71043 Hogwarts Castle and 75978 Diagon Alley. As stated with 76406 Hungarian Horntail Dragon are subject to change and they frequently move between years.

                                                  Will LEGO go up in value? ›

                                                  Here's what you should know to make your investment really count: LEGO prices vary greatly on the secondary market and generally increase two to three years after retirement. Returns range from -50% to +600% annually, so don't assume every set will automatically make you rich.

                                                  Is Hogwarts Castle a good investment? ›

                                                  Due to the rich detail, huge fanbase and size, the 71043 Hogwarts Castle is very well suited for an investment.

                                                  Has Lego ever forgotten a piece? ›

                                                  We do our best to make every set perfect and we take it very seriously when a faulty one sneaks through. Don't worry though, we can send you the parts you need! Please click “Missing Bricks” on the Bricks & Pieces section of our Customer Service site to order the part you need to finish your set.

                                                  What is the weirdest Lego set in the world? ›

                                                  The Strangest LEGO Products Ever Made
                                                  • Little Robots. ...
                                                  • LEGO Sports Hockey Sets. ...
                                                  • Jack Stone. ...
                                                  • Scala 3121. ...
                                                  • Nestle Nesquik Bunny. Image credit: BrickLink.com. ...
                                                  • Fabuland. Image credit: BrickEconomy. ...
                                                  • Geoffrey the Giraffe buildable figure (both of them) Image credit: Walmart. ...
                                                  • Galidor (the entire theme) Image credit: Worthpoint.
                                                  Sep 2, 2022

                                                  Why is LEGO so expensive? ›

                                                  All in all, there are 12 types of plastic being used in LEGO's models. Aside from the materials used, LEGO also has a stringent manufacturing process with high precision. LEGO's molds and presses have tolerances as small as 10 micrometers (0.39 inch, 0.01M) only.

                                                  What is the fastest LEGO ever? ›

                                                  Composed of close to 4,000 bricks, this 1:8 GTA Spano scale Lego model features 15 electric motors and can sprint up to 23 mph!

                                                  Can you fly in Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                  As the game notes, only Harry can actually fly well on the broom. There's no particular reason to control any of the other characters, so you might as well use just Harry. Follow the directions indicated on-screen to gain elevation with your broom and fly toward the back wall, where several gargoyles are placed.

                                                  Can you ride the Hogwarts Express in real life? ›

                                                  The Hogwarts Express is in fact a famous (and highly photogenic) steam train, The Jacobite, taking passengers 135 kilometres through mysteriously misty lochs and the green hills of the Scottish Highlands. It doesn't just look like the famously magical train, it is the actual vehicle used for filming.

                                                  Can you ride Hogwarts Express both ways? ›

                                                  Finally, riding the Hogwarts Express both ways allows you the opportunity to experience both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, which is a true one-of-a-kind experience that you can only get here.

                                                  Are gold Lego bricks rare? ›

                                                  Only a handful of 14k solid gold Lego® brick pieces have ever been produced, making them the rarest and also the most expensive Lego piece ever made. A certain piece was sold for $15,000 at an online auction held in 2020.

                                                  Which Lego set has gold Voldemort? ›

                                                  HP312: Lord Voldemort - 20th Anniversary Pearl Gold | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database.

                                                  What is the easiest Slytherin character to get in Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                  Slytherin Boy – Using a Slytherin character (Marcus Flint is an easy one to get) or Dumbledore make your way into the Slytherin dorm. Inside blast the picture to cause the couch to drop a box, then blast the box to release this token.

                                                  How do you get 200 gold bricks in Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                  There are 200 Gold Brick items available in the game. You can obtain four bricks within each of the 24 story mode stages by successfully completing the stage for the first time, by earning a 'True Wizard' rating, by rescuing the stage's Student in Peril and for completing the House Crest assembly.

                                                  How do I get the gold brick in the library in Lego Harry Potter Years 1 4? ›

                                                  Head to the right and climb onto the back platform, then look at the right wall. There's a painting there. Hit it with a blast of magic to knock a gear out of it, then use magic to lift that gear onto the larger set of gears in the background. You will make a Gold Brick appear.

                                                  What happens when you get all 200 gold bricks in Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                  There are 200 gold bricks to be found and collected in this Lego game. When you have found them all you can gain access to a bonus level in Borgin & Burkes, in Diagon Alley. If you want to collect all of the characters then you are going to need to find all of these bricks.

                                                  Is Lego Hogwarts Castle retired? ›

                                                  The LEGO Group seems content to keep its three biggest Wizarding World sets on shelves concurrently for the time being, as 71043 Hogwarts Castle, 75978 Diagon Alley and 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors' Edition are all slated to retire by December 31, 2024.

                                                  What new lego games are coming out 2024? ›

                                                  LEGO Dimensions 2 or LEGO Dimensions 2: The Return of Vortech is a game that was launched in 23 of November of the year 2024 for the consoles "Nintendo Switch/Lite", "XBox Series X" and "PlayStation 5", is the sequel of the famous LEGO Dimensions original game created by Joe McHale, and uses the "Toys to life" dynamic ...

                                                  How to 100% Lego Harry Potter? ›

                                                  A majority of the 100% involves getting Gold Bricks, since there's a few different things you need to get them all. Make sure you actually buy all the characters and Red Brick extras (characters are in the 1st Diagon Alley shop, Red Bricks are upstairs in the 2nd shop).

                                                  What Hogwarts house is Voldemort in? ›

                                                  House Slytherin

                                                  What Hogwarts is Voldemort in? ›

                                                  Riddle was educated at Hogwarts from 1938 to 1945, and was sorted into Slytherin House, a nod to his ancestor Salazar Slytherin. During summer breaks, he was forced to return to the Muggle orphanage, which he despised and dreaded more than any other place on earth.

                                                  Is there a LEGO Hagrid? ›

                                                  LEGO® Harry Potter™ 75947 Hagrid's Hut

                                                  The playset includes 6 minifigures: Hagrid™, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley™, Hermione Granger™, Executioner and the Minister of Magic, plus a Buckbeak™ the Hippogriff figure with moveable wings and head.

                                                  Is Ginny a Gryffindor? ›

                                                  Ginny is a pureblood witch born 11 August 1981, the seventh child and only daughter of Arthur and Molly Weasley. She attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and is sorted into Gryffindor house, along with the rest of her family.

                                                  What set is moaning myrtle LEGO? ›

                                                  The LEGO set number for Moaning Myrtle is 71028-14. The value for a new and factory sealed Moaning Myrtle is currently estimated at around $10. Moaning Myrtle can be found for sale on the secondary markets at a price range between $10 and $12.

                                                  Is Ginny Weasley a Slytherin? ›

                                                  In Harry Potter canon, Ginny is Sorted into Gryffindor, while Prince of Slytherin's Ginny is Sorted into Slytherin.

                                                  What is the most worth LEGO sets? ›

                                                  Most Expensive LEGO Sets
                                                  • 75192 Millennium Falcon. Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Ultimate Collector Series. ...
                                                  • 75313 AT-AT. Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Ultimate Collector Series. ...
                                                  • 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer. ...
                                                  • 10294 Titanic. ...
                                                  • 10307 Eiffel Tower. ...
                                                  • 75331 The Razor Crest. ...
                                                  • 10276 Colosseum. ...
                                                  • 76210 Hulkbuster.

                                                  Does the Lego Hogwarts Express fit on LEGO tracks? ›

                                                  According to former LEGO Harry Potter Design Lead Marcos Bessa, however, there's a very good reason 76405 Hogwarts Express Collectors' Edition doesn't fit standard LEGO train track – and it's entirely born out of the decision to scale the set to its included 20 minifigures.

                                                  Can you make the Lego Hogwarts Express move? ›

                                                  The train can be operated by the redesigned remote control, or from the Powered Up app via a smartphone or tablet. The negative side of this system is that it is very new, and components are not yet available individually. So, you will have to invest in a whole other train just to power the Hogwarts Express.

                                                  How long is the Lego Hogwarts Express? ›

                                                  Platform measures over 5” (13cm) high, 12” (31cm) wide and 6” (17cm) deep. Hogwarts™ Express measures over 3” (9cm) high, 18” (46cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.

                                                  What is the best Lego set to invest in? ›

                                                  Top 5 Lego® EOL Investment Sets 2023
                                                  1. Lego® Creator Expert 10255 Assembly Square. ...
                                                  2. Lego® Creator Expert 10270 Bookshop. ...
                                                  3. Lego® Ideas 21326 Winnie the Pooh. ...
                                                  4. Lego® Architecture 21054 The White House. ...
                                                  5. Lego® Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander.
                                                  Jan 30, 2023

                                                  What blocks fit LEGO? ›

                                                  Lego Compatible Building Blocks include but not limited to:
                                                  • Mega Blocks.
                                                  • Duplo.
                                                  • Tyco.
                                                  • Mini-Micro Blocks.
                                                  • Tandem Bricks.
                                                  • LEGO Clones.
                                                  • Play Platoon.
                                                  • Brickyard Building Blocks.
                                                  Jul 31, 2020

                                                  Can you put a motor in the Lego Hogwarts Express? ›

                                                  Key parts needed

                                                  If you want to motorise your Hogwarts Express, you can either source the parts needed directly from LEGO as spare parts, or – as I show in the following – buy a motorised LEGO City train set and use the parts from this instead.

                                                  How deep is LEGO Hogwarts? ›

                                                  Measuring over 22” (58cm) high, 27” (69cm) wide and 16” (43cm) deep, every corner of the LEGO ® Hogwarts Castle is filled with authentic detail. Even Muggles will be spellbound when they see the completed model on display!


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