[Guide] Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Best Ways to Create Ringtones Quickly (Top 5 Ways) (2023)

What should you do when Tom Nook is dealing with his debt case? Illegal activities may seem tempting, but in Animal Crossing: New Horizons there's no need! You can make bell tones quickly with the right techniques. In this article, you will learn detailed descriptions of the best ways to acquire bells and step-by-step instructions on how to carry out these methods.

5. Daily interaction with the environment (preferably at the beginning of the game)

[Guide] Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Best Ways to Create Ringtones Quickly (Top 5 Ways) (1)

I won the jackpot!

Money grows on trees in Animal Crossing! In fact, you can find them all over the city if you know where to look. This method is best for beginners as it is painless and requires no strategy.

Shake the trees to make them drop coins! Each tree drops 100 bells a day, but you can earn a good amount of money if you shake all the trees on your island. Be careful though. Wasp nests also fall from trees and quickly spoil your face. I recommend taking a net and medicine with you in case you encounter these deadly bugs.

How it's working:

  • Go into your inventory to take out the net.
  • Approach the tree.
  • Press A to shake it.
  • If the wasps fall down, press A to pick them up.
  • If the bells drop, press Y to pick them up.
  • Do this for all trees on your island.

Money trees save lives and are easy to find! You have to search your island for a glowing spot on the ground and dig it up. The reward will be 1000 bells, but where it comes from is more money. If you bury Bells in a glowing hole, you'll get triple the amount in four days. This looks like stealing!

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Remember that 30,000 bells is the most you can get from a money tree, so burying more than 10,000 is a waste.

How it's working:

  • Take the shovel out of your inventory.
  • Search your island for a bright spot on Earth.
  • Dig up an area by pressing A.
  • Bury up to 10,000 bells in the same place.
  • Wait four days.
  • Shake the money tree.
  • Collect the bags when they fall.

Another reliable way to make money is to hit the money rock. There are several rocks on your island, but only one spits out up to 16,000 bells. Note that the boulder spits out money for a short amount of time, so you might lose some money if you don't hit it fast enough. You'll want to dig two holes behind your character before hitting the rock. That way, you won't waste time approaching him after you get rejected.

How it's working:

  • Take the shovel out of your inventory.
  • Approach the rock.
  • Dig two holes behind your character.
  • Keep pressing A to hit the rock until the money stops appearing.
  • Collect your money.
  • Do this with all the stones on your island.

Last but not least, balloon gifts. You will notice them frequently as they appear every 5 to 20 minutes. Floating gifts contain random items, including bells. Some players claim that the color of the balloon indicates which items are in the gifts, but people dispute this finding. That's why every balloon must be popped!

How it's working:

  • Get your slingshot.
  • Go under the balloon.
  • Press and hold A to ready the slingshot until the gift is directly above you.
  • Release A to make the stone fly in the air.
  • Press Y to pick up a gift when it drops.

4. Craft items

[Guide] Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Best Ways to Create Ringtones Quickly (Top 5 Ways) (2)

Let's DIY!

You might be so desperate that you want to sell assets, but that's a mistake. Selling crafted items yields 2-3 times more bells than selling materials alone. For example, 15 tufts of weeds will give you 150 bells, while using them to craft a leaf umbrella will give you 300 bells. Also note the "hot item" on the board in front of Nook's Cranny. These items change daily and you can sell them for double the price!

Fortunately, there is no shortage of crafting materials on your island! Hit each of your rocks with your shovel up to 8 times to get rocks, iron and clay. You can also use an ax to get different types of wood from the trees, but be careful not to cut them accidentally. It only takes three hits to kill a tree, and nobody likes tree killers.

Also, remember the DIY recipes for crafts. They can be found in Nook's Cranny, in ABD, and in balloon gifts. Talking to villagers while crafting in their houses will also give you recipes.

How it's working:

  • Go to the crafting table.
  • Select "Let's Create!"
  • Select the item you want to create.
  • Select "Create!"
  • Select "Let's do it!"
  • Sell ​​craft items at Nook's Cranny.

3. Catch bugs and fish

[Guide] Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Best Ways to Create Ringtones Quickly (Top 5 Ways) (3)

(Video) Max Bells - The FASTEST Way to Make Millions of Bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Looks like I caught a lie!

Catching bugs and fish is one of the most profitable ways to earn money in Animal Crossing. Some creatures of both species are valuable, so you want to make sure they don't escape.

First, you will need a bug catching net. They are also easy to make! Just five branches are enough to create a fine mesh. Then you will need fine mesh and an iron nugget to make a smooth mesh. If you don't have the materials, buy fine mesh for 400 bells or plain mesh for 2500 from Nook's Cranny.

Once you have a net, you can learn to catch creepy crawlers! Many are easy to scare, so be sure to try to pick them up slowly and steadily. You must approach the worm while your net is up and attack with perfect timing.

Insects have more varied actions compared to fish. For example, some rest on tree trunks, while others run through the water. Therefore, it is better to study the behavior of worms, especially valuable ones. You'll be less likely to scare them off and more likely to get the money you deserve!

Tarantulas and scorpions are worth a maximum of 8,000 bells each, but you have to leave between 7pm and 7pm. and 4:00 am to catch these guys. Catching these two is also difficult, as their bites make you pass out. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

I understand if you're not up for the challenge. Some common insects like wasps and paper butterflies are worth more than you think. Wasps bring 2,500 bells each and paper butterflies bring 1,000 bells.

I suggest saving errors for a gothic chameleon named Flick. He will buy bugs for 50% more than the selling price at Nook's Cranny. Although Flick will appear during bug clearing, he will also visit your island randomly.

How it's working:

  • Pull the net when you see the worm.
  • Press and hold A to prepare the network.
  • Slowly move an inch closer to the worm with the left stick.
  • Release A when you're close enough to get the bug.
  • Do this with each error found.
  • Wait for Flick to get more profit or sell them at Nook's Cranny.

When it comes to fishing, you need a fishing rod. You can craft a thin fishing rod with five branches, and then use that fishing rod to make a durable fishing rod. Like the nets, both rods are available from Nook's Cranny for 400 and 2500 bells.

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Fishing is different from catching bugs; I'm saying it's a little more complicated than that. Remember to walk, not run, along bodies of water. That way you won't scare any fish by mistake. Most importantly, you need to pay close attention to when the fish grabs the float. I recommend listening for the sinking sound to know when to cast the bait.

Fishing lure is useful if you are looking for a specific fish. Only a Manila clam is needed to make it. Fish will come to you in any body of water as long as you have the bait!

You should use lures to increase the likelihood of catching the most expensive fish. Like earthworms, many of the rarer fish come out at night, after 4pm. until 9:00. Among the rarest are the great white and gold, which cost 15,000 bells each.

CJ is like Flick, except the former will buy fish at 30% more and organize a Fish Tournament instead of a Bug Off.

How it's working:

  • Take the fishing rod from your inventory.
  • Approach the fish.
  • Press A to cast the line.
  • Wait until the fish sees the float and pulls it under the water.
  • Press A to collect the fish.
  • Do this with all the fish you find.
  • Wait until C.J. get more profit or sell them at Nook's Cranny.

2. Activate Ring Ordinance

[Guide] Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Best Ways to Create Ringtones Quickly (Top 5 Ways) (4)

Can't wait for the money to arrive, Isabelle!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows you to make ordinances according to your play style. These are the rules that islanders follow and can change things like curfews for their residents. Note that it costs 20,000 bells to start the rite and it won't start until the next day.

Of all four ordinances, Bell Boom offers players the best bang for the buck. This principle causes an increase in costs, but also an increase in selling prices. Higher prices might seem daunting, but if you're selling more than you're buying, it shouldn't be a problem!

How it's working:

  • Go to the resident service building.
  • Sit in the chair across from Isabelle.
  • Select "Review Island Resources".
  • Select "Discuss Ordinances".
  • Select Yes, please.
  • Select "Bell Boom Ordinance".

1. Buy a turnip (preferably for later)

[Guide] Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Best Ways to Create Ringtones Quickly (Top 5 Ways) (5)

(Video) Create Your Own Version of “The Path” | Animal Crossing New Horizons

I'll get all the turnips you've got, Daisy Mae!

A sweet boar named Daisy Mae will visit your island every Sunday from 5am to 12pm. However, she's not there to make you fawn over her cute looks. Piglet is in charge of the stalk market! You can buy a turnip from her for a fixed price and profit from it.

The turnip will go bad next Sunday, so you need to sell it early. You can win or lose a lot depending on how lucky you are with prices, so I recommend this method for players who may lose money.

Always remember that prices change twice a day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. If prices don't go up by Saturday afternoon, just bite the bullet and sell the turnips. Better to lose some money than all of it.

If you're out of luck with the Animal Crossing log market, check out sites like Turnip Exchange and Animal Crossing Exchange. Users will allow you to visit their islands when turnip prices are incredibly high. All you have to do is get in line, follow the instructions and wait for your turn to strike it rich!

How it's working:

  • Meet Daisy Mae on Sunday morning.
  • Talk to her.
  • Select "I'll buy some".
  • Enter how much you want to buy or select "Buy Maximum".
  • Select "Yes, I'll buy them!"
  • Check turnip prices daily with Tommy and Timmy.
  • Sell ​​your turnips when they are at a higher price.
  • Sell ​​them by Saturday afternoon, even if the price isn't as high as you'd like.

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How to get 100k Bells fast? ›

On this page:
  1. Sell fruit and shells.
  2. Sell fossils.
  3. Sell fish and bugs.
  4. Shake trees.
  5. Hit rocks.
  6. Sell weeds.
  7. Plant money trees.
  8. Exchange a Bell voucher (500 Nook Miles) for 3,000 Bells.
Nov 2, 2021

How to get 30 000 Bells in Animal Crossing? ›

Wait for a few days until it bears "fruit" in the form of bags full of Bells. Shake the tree to receive three Bell bags, each containing a sum equal to what you initially planted. The Money Tree will then revert into a normal tree. Repeat the process every day to get a rolling income of 30,000 daily.

How do I get unlimited Bells in New Horizons? ›

To get Max Bells, you need to visit my Animal Crossing island and sell 30 turnips. My island has the ability to set the turnip price to 999,999,999, which is how you will get the bells.

How much is 1 million bells in Animal Crossing? ›

2 Crown - 1,000,000 Bells.

What happens if I bury 100000 bells in Animal Crossing? ›

The likelihood of a tree blooming is dependent on the amount of Bells buried. The maximum amount of Bells any tree may produce is 90,000, and it will bloom only once, meaning that it is detrimental to bury an amount exceeding 90,000 Bells.

Is there a cheat for unlimited Bells in Animal Crossing? ›

Aside from adding a ton of new features and items in the game, Nintendo got rid of several glitches, and unfortunately, all of the Bells glitches were part of this list. Therefore, players can no longer make use of it to get infinite Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What is a perfect fruit in Animal Crossing? ›

What Fruit Can Be Perfect Fruit? Only trees that are native to your town can bear perfect fruit. This is to compensate for the fact that these fruit sell for a lower price than imported town fruit. So, if you started with cherries, only your cherry trees can bear a perfect fruit.

How rare is money tree island? ›

There is a 5% chance for trees to spawn as money trees, with each bag containing 1,000 Bells. Flowers will always be in-season according to the date experienced on the island, but will never be the player's native or sister flowers.

What to do if your wallet is full Animal Crossing? ›

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch limits the total amount of Bells you can hold at once. You can carry a maximum of 99,999 Bells in your wallet. Collect more, or sell items that put you above the limit, and it'll turn into money bags in your pockets.

How do you carry 500000 Bells in Animal Crossing? ›

Tom will tell you about the price of the expansion. If you're ready to spend the 500,000 Bells to expand your home's storage, choose “Yes, let's do it!” From there, Tom will take your Bells and begin the expansion process. Like other home expansions, your expanded storage won't be available until the next in-game day.

What is the most expensive item to sell in Animal Crossing? ›

The Trophy Case is the most expensive item that players can sell in New Horizons, not taking into account items that require hybrid flowers or rare items to craft.

How many total Bells needed Animal Crossing? ›

In Doubutsu no Mori e+edit
Basement249,000 Bells8 × 8
Second floor598,000 Bells6 × 6
Private island998,000 Bells8 × 8 cabana
Total2,287,800 Bells
3 more rows
Apr 2, 2023

What is the bell boom ordinance? ›

The Bell Boom Ordinance, also known as the Wealthy Ordinance, increases both buying and selling prices by exactly 20%, effectively "inflating" the entire economy of the village. For example, if you were to sell a red snapper, which would normally net you 3,000 Bells, you would instead receive 3,600 Bells.

What is the rarest item in Animal Crossing? ›

The rarest and most expensive item in the game is the Royal Crown. Purchasable from the Able Sisters shop, the Royal Crown costs 1,200,000 bells. Not to be confused with the smaller Crown which costs a million bells, the Royal Crown is the ultimate bourgeois flex in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons world.

How much is 100 bells worth? ›

It is believed that one Bell is equivalent to one Japanese yen, which makes one US dollar about 100 Bells.

What happens if you bury gold in Animal Crossing? ›

You can grow a money tree in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by burying a bag of Bells in a glowing hole. One glowing hole will appear on your Animal Crossing island every day, even if you already have a money tree. Your money tree will give you either 3,000 Bells, 30,000 bells, or three times the amount you buried.

Do bell trees regrow bells? ›

Money Trees are, well, trees that grow Bells. They'll only produce Bells one time, and after you shake the money bags off the trees, they'll go back to being a regular tree. To grow a money tree, you'll have to do the following: Look for a glowing spot in the ground.

What happens if I bury 99k bells? ›

Should you deposit 99,000 Bells into a money tree hole, you can potentially earn three, 99,000 bags when the tree fully grows. It is WAY more likely, however, that you return on that 99,000 investment will simply be 30,000, which is a huge loss to take. Essentially, it's gambling.

What sea creature is worth the most bells? ›

Sea creatures can also be sold for Bells at Nook's Cranny. They are pretty profitable as their sale price starts at 500 Bells (sea anemone, sea cucumber, sea star) and can go as high as 15000 Bells (gigas giant clam).

How many bells do tarantulas sell for? ›

Page actions. The Tarantula [nb 1] is a rare insect in the Animal Crossing series. It is worth 8,000 Bells.

What is the most profitable item to craft in Animal Crossing? ›

The Trophy Case and Street Piano are the most valuable crafted items in the game. The Trophy Case DIY recipe can only be obtained from villagers with the "jock" personality like Billy and Sterling, and it requires hardwood, six iron nuggets, and three gold nuggets.

Can you lose bells in Animal Crossing? ›

The problem is, money trees have a risk factor to them. Planting 10k bells is the safest choice, because you will always get 30k in return. Some Animal Crossing fans live on the braver side, though, burying up to 99k. They often lose their bells.

What happens if you bury a perfect fruit? ›

Once you have obtained a perfect fruit, you can bury it the same way you would any other fruit, but this sapling will turn into a tree that bears perfect fruit only, and you're on your way to having a town full of perfect fruit!

What is the most expensive fruit in ACNH? ›

It can be very lucrative to have multiple types of fruit growing on your island, as they can be continually harvested for money or trading:
  • Native fruit sells for 100 Bells each.
  • Non-native fruit sells for 500 Bells each.
  • Coconuts sell for 250 Bells each.

What is the rarest fruit in Animal Crossing? ›

The rarest fruit in Animal Crossing is the perfect fruit, which is a variation of the five main fruits (apples, oranges, pears, peaches, and cherries). Perfect fruit can only be grown in the town where the player's character was created, and there is only one perfect fruit tree per town.

What is the tallest money tree? ›

Even though they're most often kept in homes and offices, money trees can actually grow to be up to 7 feet! Each tree is actually four to five separate trees with their trunks braided together. Outdoors, money tree plants can grow up to 30 feet tall.

Are there dwarf money trees? ›

The Mini Money Tree plant—which looks like a mix between a tree and a mini palm—is native to Central and South America. And despite being a tropical plant, it's also pretty easy to take care of, is adaptable to different light conditions, purifies your air, and is pet-friendly.

What is the biggest money tree Animal Crossing? ›

Amount of Money Produced

This means that the most money you can earn from a single money tree is 299,997 Bells — that's three bags with 99,999 Bells each.

What is the max debt in Animal Crossing? ›

According to a video by ProsafiaGaming, this adds a basement, which like the second floor, is a ten-by-six grid. This upgrade also adds 800 more storage slots, totalling it all to 1,600 slots. This is the last payment and it requires 2,498,000 Bells to be paid off.

What's the ultimate pocket stuffing? ›

The Ultimate Pocket Stuffing is an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. When used, it increases the player's pocket storage to 40, the maximum in New Horizons. This item cannot be placed in the player's storage. The Ultimate Pocket Stuffing can be obtained from Nook Stop for 8,000 Nook Miles.

Who do you owe money to Animal Crossing? ›

Is it mandatory to pay him back, though? Players are indebted to Tom Nook from nearly the moment they first start Animal Crossing: New Horizons, spending much of the early game working to pay off their initial house loan (and then upgrades).

What is the island life 101 service in Animal Crossing? ›

Page actions. The Island Life 101 Service is an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 2.0 Free Update. This item unlocks the Island Life 101 app in the NookPhone. This item cannot be placed in the player's storage.

Can you get a bigger wallet in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? ›

In order to add a row to your pocket, you'll need to pay off your first loan to Tom Nook for the Getaway Package that brought you to the island in the first place. Once you pay that off with 5,000 Nook Miles, you'll unlock the ability to purchase the first inventory expansion called the Pocket Organization Guide.

How do you plant a money tree animal? ›

Planting money trees in Animal Crossing is quite easy
  1. Look for a glowing spot on the Animal Crossing island. ...
  2. Once players have located the spot, dig at it using a shovel. ...
  3. Now, open up the inventory and take out 10,000 Bells as an item.
  4. Bury these Bells in the spot just dug up and see a little sprout come up.
Jun 17, 2021

What is the most popular item in Animal Crossing? ›

According to Nookazon, the most popular items are Nook Miles Ticket, the cutting board, Ironwood dresser, Crescent-moon chair, and fish bait.

What does King Tut mask do in Animal Crossing? ›

The King Tut mask is a headwear item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 1.4. 0 Summer Update (Wave 2). When it is put on, a unique variation of the clothing change jingle plays, and while wearing it, the player has a chance of tripping while running.

What is the most expensive food to make in ACNH? ›

Most expensive Animal Crossing: New Horizons food items that players can sell in the game
  1. 4) Squid ink curry (1,360 Bells)
  2. 3) Carrot Potage (1,370 Bells)
  3. 2) Seaweed soup (1,440 Bells)
  4. 1) Tomato curry (2,520 Bells)
May 6, 2022

How do you get Bells fast? ›

On this page:
  1. Sell fruit and shells.
  2. Sell fossils.
  3. Sell fish and bugs.
  4. Shake trees.
  5. Hit rocks.
  6. Sell weeds.
  7. Plant money trees.
  8. Exchange a Bell voucher (500 Nook Miles) for 3,000 Bells.
Nov 2, 2021

Why won t villagers accept Bells? ›

Bells can also be sent through the mail as a present. In New Leaf, villagers will refuse Bells as a gift during birthday parties, often commenting that "it would make our friendship weird". Villagers will always refuse Bells given to them as a gift with an excuse that varies on personality type.

What is the fastest way to get Bells in Animal Crossing? ›

How to Earn Bells Quickly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  1. Play the Stalk Market.
  2. Plant Your Money Tree Every Day.
  3. Make the most of special visitors.
  4. Do Some Traveling- Head to Nook Miles Islands and Play with Others!
  5. Sell Items at Nook's Cranny.
  6. Farm your resources every day.
  7. Dive for Sea Creatures.
Apr 13, 2021

What's the point of pitfall seeds? ›

The primary use of a pitfall seed is for the player to bury it, at which point it will look like any other buried item. When a villager or player walks over a buried pitfall seed, they will fall into it. If the player speaks to a trapped villager, they will rattle about their situation and jump out.

What is the beautiful island ordinance? ›

Beautiful Island ordinance

No cockroaches will appear, no trash will get fished up, weeds grow less often, and villagers will water flowers more often.

Does the Bell Boom Ordinance affect Harv's island? ›

Island Ordinances do not affect any of the shops on Harv's Island.

How to get 50,000 bells fast? ›

12 Sell Fossils

Selling a full inventory of fossils will easily see you walking away with 50,000 bells or more. You're likely to find a ton of duplicate fossils as the museum's collection grows, so don't feel too bad if you decide to sell instead of giving your finds to Blathers.

How do you get a 99000 bell tree? ›

In order to do this, you must listen very carefully to Isabelle's morning announcement, when she reports that she has had a 'lucky horoscope day' signals the day to bury 99k. On this day, search your island for that glowing crack in the ground, dig up the 1000 bells and bury 99k.

What gives you the most bells? ›

Bugs that Sell for the Most Bells in ACNH
  • Tarantula.
  • Orchid Mantis.
  • Wasp.
  • Hermit Crab.
Mar 20, 2020

How do you carry 500000 bells in Animal Crossing? ›

Tom will tell you about the price of the expansion. If you're ready to spend the 500,000 Bells to expand your home's storage, choose “Yes, let's do it!” From there, Tom will take your Bells and begin the expansion process. Like other home expansions, your expanded storage won't be available until the next in-game day.

What is the highest Poki to Bells exchange rate? ›

Exchange rateedit

The player can exchange Bells for Poki for up to 30,000 Bells and up to 15,000 Poki for Bells each day.

How much is 1 animal crossing bell in dollars? ›

It is believed that one Bell is equivalent to one Japanese yen, which makes one US dollar about 100 Bells. This is supported by items such as K.K.

What happens if I bury 30000 Bells? ›

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, money trees can be grown by burying Bells with a golden shovel. If the tree grows, it will always bear three bags of 30,000 Bells, regardless of the amount buried. No more than one money tree can be grown per day, for a maximum profit of 89,000 Bells.

Do money trees grow back? ›

Leaves can be trimmed at any time of the year, and you will notice that they grow back quickly. This Bonsai is usually presented in a braided or knotted form which is achieved when the stalks are young and supple. The money tree can be pruned by cutting off the stem, and new growth will appear at the cut over time.

What sea creature is worth the most Bells? ›

Sea creatures can also be sold for Bells at Nook's Cranny. They are pretty profitable as their sale price starts at 500 Bells (sea anemone, sea cucumber, sea star) and can go as high as 15000 Bells (gigas giant clam).

What fruit sells for the most Bells? ›

Coconuts will find a natural spot on anyone's island considering how thematically appropriate they are, but they also spawn the most unique tree. Not only can these coconuts serve as the foundation to some cool recipes like Plam-Tree Lamps, but they also bring in the most Bells when sold.

What villager sells a bell? ›

Any kind of blacksmith villager may sell bells in exchange for a lot of emeralds. Bells will also act as a meeting place for villagers to gather around in the afternoon.


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