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IPTV FREE m3u 2023 recently tested and updated

Still in 2023, it is not necessary to buy a subscription to access the IPTV service. With the free IPTV links that we publish and update daily, you have a gold mine at your disposal to use wherever you are, whenever you want and however you want.

IPTV Free M3u Links 2023 is a great way to benefit from television.

Instead of using cable or satellite TV, you can access any TV show, movie or series.deporteGame streaming by just sticking to a mere url m3u link or iptv m3u list.

Internet Protocol TV has made the viewing experience easy and fun. And our free iptv 2023 and m3u link lists make it even easier!

Features of our free IPTV

IPTV for all devices

Whether you are using a smart tv, computer, smartphone, tablet, tv box or other and want to watch iptv premium channels via iptv for free, you are at the right place!

Our IPTV packages include a variety of IPTV channels from around the world. Contains a wide range of media categories. You can find news, TV shows, movies and TV series, IPTV links, Github bei Sport, etc.

Consult the sports section of our website in the menu ofIPTV-Sport, Download free iptv m3u playlist files or iptv playlist url links and play it on any device you have.

Our daily IPTV m3u links you download are all compatible with Kodi m3u, Smart TV, Android and iOS smartphones, Firestick, Windows Mac or Linux computers.

M3u IPTV lists that support Smart TV

Using Smart TV is fully compatible with our Smart IPTV playlist URLs.

You can use Smart IPTV SIPTV app to set up IPTV on your TV as shown in the tutorial below or download IPTV Smarters as it is also a great IPTV app.

IPTV Smarters Pro allows you to run a free m3u list on an Android phone, tablet or TV.

For Windows users, IPTV VLC Media Player is still the best option. VLC is a great software to easily set up smart IPTV URLs as well as smart IPTV lists, and it's always free.

Are you looking for IPTV m3u 2023 links that really work? Do you look here and there and come across broken staff that don't work? Look no further!

Up-to-date and working IPTV links and M3 playlists

For us, a free IPTV service is the ability to provide up-to-date and working IPTV m3u playlist 2023. It also means offering a variety of options when it comes to file formats. On our website we always make sure to post iptv m3u list url for users who prefer to copy and paste playlist link especially for Smart TV. Apart from that, you also have the option to download m3u free IPTV playlist.

Free iptv login and iptv links in sports download for pc vlc android tv and phone shortcut are stable and up to date but only work for a while. However, the update is always present and you can always get the new m3u 2023 free IPTV links.

How to use m3u IPTV links?

The process is very simple, just copy the m3u IPTV link URL, paste it into your device software and play it right away. If you want links to stream iptv url as m3u, just click the link and you can download it as m3u playlist.

VPN protection

It is highly recommended to use a VPN service while watching IPTV, especially free IPTV services.

Other benefits of using VPN

  • Hide your IP address and no one should be able to identify your real IP
  • Unblock content that blocks some content media services for some countries. One example is that you can access Netflix US even if you don't live in the US.
  • Protect yourself from hackers. Well, who is going to hack into your device if they don't even notice your virtual activities?

Two Industry VPN Leaders

Of all the VPN services, I would recommend two VPN services that are almost equally good:NordVPNYExpressVPN.

They have great servers around the world with a good support team.

NordVPN keeps absolutely no logs, while ExpressVPN keeps a trivial log history, which should in no way violate your privacy or get you into legal trouble.

Great discounts starting at $3 PER MONTH!

12 month plan: 4,92 $
2 year plan: $3,30

6 month plan: 9,99 $
15 month plan: 6,67 $

How to use m3u IPTV links?

The process is very simple, just copy the IPTV link URL, paste it into your device software and play it right away. If you want links to stream iptv url as m3u, just click the link and you can download it as m3u playlist.

Don't worry if you don't know how to set up IPTV streaming links and m3u playlists because we have included a detailed guide on how to do it for many devices.

Check out this PTV SETUP GUIDE below and find all the information you need to run daily free IPTV links or m3u lists on Smart TV, PC, Android, ios and Kodi.

How to configure IPTV links on your device?

(Video) FREE Live tv on Firestick - IPTV with 100+ Channels!!!&type=m3u_plusña=Margarita&type=m3u_plus

(Video) IPTV Server USA m3u American Channels - server iptv list[Email protected]&type=m3u_plus&output=ts

(Video) iptv usa channels - watch this if you use an iptv service in 2023....... (this is crazy!!!!) woow

The easiest way to watch these channels is to install VLC media player. It is free software and really reliable and easy to use.

(Video) How to intall IPTV in Kodi

Despite this, VLC is only efficient if you intend to run IPTV on computers, Android phones, and tablets. For example, to play IPTV links or m3u files on Smart TV, you need to install otherIPTV Apps.

The following tutorial will teach you how to set up IPTV on Smart TVs, Kodi, Apple TV, Android phones and tablets, and iOS iPhones and iPads.

How to configure IPTV links and m3u playlists on Samsung and LG Smart TV?

The following is a complete guide to help you set up your free IPTV server on your Smart TV.

Please note that these guidelines apply to Samsung and LG Smart TVs, as the process may differ for other brands.

1. First, download the Smart TV app from your Smart TV app store.

2. Install the Smart TV app after the setup wizard and run it. (You would see a message on the screen saying that you only have a 7 day free trial and need to purchase the app for €5.49 for a lifetime license.)

3. Find your MAC address on the right side of your screen – write it down as you'll use it in the next step.

4. Go to

5. Enter your MAC address in the field provided (MAC).

6. Upload your m3u or m3u8 playlist file in the "File: Select File" box OR paste the link in the "URL" box if you have IPTV Link URL.

How to set up free IPTV on Kodi?

Follow these steps to set up IPTV links or an m3u list on Kodi:

1. From the Kodi home screen, go to Addons, My Addons and select PVR. 2. Click PVR IPTV Simple Client and then click Configure. 3. In M3U Playlist URL, paste the link of your playlist, and then click OK.

If you had already activated PVR IPTV Simple Client, it should update and show already loaded IPTV channels in the top right corner.

If PVR IPTV Simple Client is disabled, click the Enable button.

4. On the Kodi home screen, click TV to launch your M3U playlist and see what live IPTV channels have been loaded.

IPTV setup on iPhone iPad and Apple TV.

There are many apps to run IPTV on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV and you can choose any iOS IPTV app you like.

Here we will practice with GSE SMART IPTV PRO which is awesome, highly rated and most importantly FREE. You can download it from the App Store.

1. Go to app store and install GSE SMART IPTV PRO2 app. Open the settings menu 3. Click Remote Playlists. 4. Click the + button and select the Add M3U URL option. 5. Enter a name in the Playlist Name field (Example: TV) and remove any existing data and any spaces in the Playlist Link field and enter the URL address you have.

How to set up IPTV links or m3u list on Android tablet?

We will use VLC Player Android app to run free IPTV playlist on Android no matter smartphone or tablet. We will show you how to run IPTV links on Android devices, smartphones or tablets using two apps: VLC for Android and IPTV Extreme.

You can choose what suits you best, although we recommend VLC.

So here are the two methods that both apps use:

1- Setup iptv on Android using VLC for Android.

1. Vaya a Google Play Store 2.DescargarVLC player for Android. 3. Open it to install VLC Android app. 4. Locate your m3u or m3u8 playlist file and click to play it. A popup will appear asking you which application to use to run the file. Choose VLC for Android.

NOTE: If the popup does not appear and the playlist opens automatically in the default app that normally reads media files on your device, you need to edit your device's settings to set VLC as default. This is how you do it:

Go to your device settings.

Access the application manager.

Find the default app that you want to replace with the VLC app and click on it.

Click Clear Default.

Set VLC for Android as your default app.

2- Configure iptv en Android con IPTV Extreme.

1.DescargarExtreme IPTV from Google Play Store. 2. Install the app on your device. 3. Locate your playlist file and click to play it. A popup will appear asking you which application to use to run the file. Choose Extreme IPTV.

(Video) iptv usa channels - best iptv usa - best iptv channels from us best usa iptv

See alsohow to configure iptv in vlc.



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