Conquer the Council in 2023 (2023)

The board is ready for white: a privilege that comes with the color of power in chess. With the first move advantage, white players have a unique opportunity to gain a strategic advantage over their opponents. Most players strive to grab the center of the board with well-developed pieces and launch an attack to surprise Black.

Whether you play in an aggressive and dynamic game or more strategic and positional, with the right strategy anyone can dominate the board and come out on top. By taking advantage of first-move privilege and knowing some of the best opening moves in chess, you'll achieve maximum coverage and mobility for the next game.

Ready to get in the game? Here's your cheat sheet to conquer the board with the best chess opening moves for White!

The basics of chess openings

A winning game begins with a good chess opening. In a broader sense, the chess opening is the first phase of the game, distinct from the middlegame and endgame.

Your strategies should serve a purpose and adhere to basic chess opening principles. A well-played opening allows players to:

  • Check the middle:Every chess player's goal is to gain a foothold in the heart of the game. This gives them control over the pace and flow of the game, allowing them to develop their pieces and build up an attack.
  • Room control:Having more space means freedom and more room to move and unfold. This often results in well-coordinated pieces that can be used to attack the enemy.
  • Prepare for midgame:Solid openings can prepare you for the toughest midgame. By carefully coordinating your pieces, you can turn a developing lead into an advantage that can be consolidated into a winning endgame.

The key to success is recognizing the differences in strategy between whites and blacks and choosing your approach accordingly. White can choose dynamic or strategic openings, each with advantages and with different tactics.

While a dynamic opening focuses on finding aggressive tactics and taking control of the center with your developing lead, a strategic opening takes place at a slower pace with calm positional play to mobilize your pieces step by step.

Popular chess openings for whites

To help you take the lead on the board, the opening moves discussed below are categorized as strategic or dynamic openings.

Defined aperture types: Dynamic apertures

King's Gambit

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Historically one of White's oldest and most popular openings, the King's Gambit is a dynamic approach that attempts to gain control of the center by launching an attack. It's an aggressive move that White can make and involves sacrificing a pawn for mobility.

The King's Gambit begins with the following moves:

  1. e4 e5
  2. f4

Once Black accepts the gambit, White can quickly develop his pieces. Here you have two options:

  • Develop the knight to f3
  • Develop the bishop to c4

In the first case, your idea is to use the bishop's dark square to recapture the black pawn on f4. Your opponent can fall back on protecting you with a pawn on g5.

In the meantime, you can develop your squareless bishop for the second case, allowing the black queen to check on h4. Your answer will be to move your king to f1. White loses the right to the castle and gains time to chase away the black queen with a knight on f3. After your opponent has withdrawn his queen, you end up with two developed pieces.

However, remember that regardless of the move, your goal should be to maintain your central positions and ensure all your pieces remain active. This is a brief representation of the King's Gambit in action. However, it's important to note that depending on your opponent's reaction, there are countless possibilities and strategies to explore.

Evans Gambit

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An aggressive lineup by Italian opener Giuoco Piano, Evans Gambit is a popular bet aimed at gaining a strong center position.

It starts with the following movements:

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  1. e4 e5
  2. Cf3 Cc6
  3. Lc4 Lc5
  4. b4

The core idea behind the Evans Gambit is to sacrifice the pawn with b2-b4 in order to gain an advantage in development and create a strong central presence. By threatening the bishop on c5, Black can retreat to b6 (rejecting the Evans Gambit) or capture the pawn with Bxb4 (rejecting the Evans Gambit).

If Black accepts the gambit, White is compensated by sacrificing the b4-pawn. This time Black has to retreat because the bishop is attacked by Black.

While Black has to protect his bishop, White carries out his mission to control the center and finally attack Black's pawn on e5 with d4.

Evans Gambit is a risky line, White sacrifices a pawn in exchange for quick development and initiative.

It is important to be aware of the risks that come with this step. White needs to push forward and try to regain material or gain an advantage with the lead in development. Otherwise, he sacrifices a pawn for nothing.

Strategic openings with positional play


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One of the oldest and most commonly used openings, the Queen's Gambit is a classic approach to positional play. It tries to gain control of the center, maintain the development of the piece and the formation of a strong pawn majority.

The Queen's Gambit begins with the following moves:

  1. d4 d5
  2. c4

Based on Black's answer, the gambit has two main variants: the Queen's Gambit Accepted (QGA) and the Queen's Gambit Declined (QGD). As soon as Black accepts the gambit, White starts dominating the center with the pawn on e4.

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In DGA, the sacrificed pawn doesn't cause White too many problems as they compensate by gaining a significant advantage in the center and in many cases even getting the pawn back.

Opening of Catalonia

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In order to catch Black off guard, the Catalan opening aims to control the center with the pawn on d4 while developing the pieces towards the king's bishop and queen.

It starts with the following movements:

  1. d4 Nf6
  2. c4 e6
  3. g3

White took over the mixture of Queen's Gambit and Reti Overture while playing Catalan. This serves as a basis for White's initiative in the center through a slower and safer approach.

White can then expand his central presence with the pawn on e4. This is the goal to be achieved in Catalan, but it's not as simple as it might seem. White has to develop many moves to set up e4 and Black can still react to stop it.

Practical tips to improve your opening strategy

Whichever opening variation you choose, it's important to have a plan before you play. Think ahead and consider the importance of each movement to use your time efficiently.

Remember that a successful opening strategy is all about control. Here are some tips to help you improve your skills and develop a winning mentality for future games.

Tip #1. Fight for the middle

Chess is a struggle and a struggle for control of the center. Because white players always have the advantage of making the first move, they can start controlling the center first. The player who secures the center of the chessboard will have more space, providing additional choices and freedom to maneuver their pieces.

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Tip #2. Develop the smaller parts first

You've probably heard that you shouldn't eliminate your queen too early, as she's constantly being attacked, which in turn forces you to make extra moves with her, slowing down the development of other pieces. So develop your sub-pieces (knights and bishops) first so you can castle and launch a quick attack if your opponent is delaying their development.

Tip #3. Lock on the safe side

After successfully developing smaller pieces, the next step is to protect your king. Safe castling keeps your king out of the way and allows the rooks to connect and become more active on the board.

Tip #4. Don't disrupt your pawn structure

Try to avoid double pawns as this weakens structure and control. In order to get into the endgame with a comparatively larger material advantage, it is important to maintain your pawn structure and not get involved in unnecessary trades.

It takes a lot of thought and calculation to keep up with all the pieces, but it will be worth it in the end. By following these simple tips, chess players can easily turn the tables and develop a winning strategy.

Find the best opening moves for your game!

Learning a chess opening is a great way for beginners to get familiar with the game and develop a strong sense of strategy. However, exploring and memorizing all chess openings is enormous, if not impossible. To help you complete the task,Chessify.meoffersa rich reference library of games recorded since 1475.

Access the wide range of openings in the menu on the right side of the dashboard and find out which one best suits your skills. Choose the most appropriate strategies and explore different scenarios to practice your moves.

In summary

As the game evolves, your strategy must evolve as well. Once you have found vacancies that you are comfortable with, you can explore new areas and push your limits.

If you are a chess fan who wants to improve your game andimprove your ELO rating, is the best platform for you! Get further tips from our grandmastersFind news about the chess opening! The comprehensive feature set includes game analysis, video search, an openings explorer tool and access to the extensive database of over 9 million games.

come to us now- Let's take your gaming skills to the stratosphere!

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Remember that chess is a game of skill and knowledge. Keep practicing and find out how to use the best opening moves in every game!


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