6 Los Angeles Rooftop Wedding Venues (2023)

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Southern California couples looking for a scenic backdrop for their special celebration should check out these Los Angeles rooftop wedding venues.

6 Los Angeles Rooftop Wedding Venues (1)

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Are you planning a Los Angeles rooftop wedding? Los Angeles rooftop wedding venues not only offer couples stunning views of the city, but also create an elegant backdrop for partying the night away. So if you're looking for Los Angeles rooftop wedding venues and want to find the perfect aesthetic for your big day, we've got your back. of aall inclusivePenthouse to a modernindustrial event space, we have narrowed the upper roofLos Angeles Wedding VenuesThey are ideal for any type of wedding.

Here are some of our favorite Los Angeles rooftop wedding venues.

penthouse loftSEVEN

Evoking a contemporary setting for couples to spend their wedding day, the SEVEN Penthouse loft is one of our favorite Los Angeles rooftop wedding venues. It deviates from a typical ballroom by offering a private 12th-floor penthouse and rooftop terrace for brides and grooms. This rooftop venue overlooks downtown Los Angeles and creates a scenic backdrop for wedding portraits, vows, first dances - the list goes on and on. It has over 16,000 square feet for couples to set up a dance floor, set up their formal seating, and more. Up to 200 guests can easily be accommodated on two levels. So if you're a couple looking for a rooftop venue for a larger wedding, you'll fall in love with loftSEVEN's spacious penthouse and rooftop. The venue also offers clients a full-service professional team to take care of wedding details and ensure your day runs smoothly. LoftSEVEN prides itself as its preferred provider of professionals and we can understand why. From catering to valet parking, this Los Angeles rooftop venue creates a memorable experience for not only you, but your guests as well!

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The Wilshire Loft in downtown Los Angeles creates a romantic, urban setting for your special day. The rooftop area of ​​the venue is perfect for your terrace ceremony and can easily be used as a reception room as well. Couples looking for an indoor option to also celebrate their wedding anniversary will find that the Wilshire Loft has a spacious banquet room that can be used for formal dining or converted into a space for dancing. The contemporary space is also filled with Art Deco decor, like funky light fixtures and bold, eye-catching rugs. With an on-site manager and a list of preferred venues to assist you throughout the day, The Wilshire Loft is a rooftop venue that will work with you and your spouse-to-be to personalize and create a stunning wedding day. The loft can accommodate up to 200 guests, making it a great option for weddings of all sizes. It even includes craft bars, unique cocktail options, international menus, and an updated standard catering menu that you can review and select (and even customize) your food options.

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Das Oviatt Penthouse

The Oviatt Penthouse was the first Art Deco building in Los Angeles and was built in 1927. Known as the "Castle in the Air," the penthouse has been used for parties for decades and still upholds its tradition today. Filled with Napoleon marble, chandeliers, and even a grand mantel clock, Gatsby-loving couples will swoon at this high-rise wedding venue. The Oviatt's rooftop is a wonderful place to say "yes" as it overlooks all of downtown Los Angeles. If you and your spouse-to-be know you want to be surrounded by skyscrapers and twinkling lights, then Oviatt Penthouse is a rooftop dream spot for you! Not only does it offer an indoor option, but the rooftop can easily accommodate a tented reception. So if you're worried about the weather, you can feel comfortable in this versatile outdoor venue. The penthouse also offers catering services for couples, bar service and many other professional services for your big day. Couples are even offered sample menus where they can choose between formal plated dining, buffet dining, and family-style service. If you and your S.O. For a rooftop venue with a Roaring '20s vibe, be sure to check out The Oviatt Penthouse.

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Couples looking for a modern and fun wedding venue should put Perch on their must-visit list. Perched in the clouds (literally), this French-inspired bistro offers bride and groom unparalleled views of downtown Los Angeles. Upon entering the 15th floor, the restaurant is filled with antique furniture, detailed woodwork and other delicate Parisian-inspired touches, creating a relaxed setting for vows and celebrations. The 15th floor also includes several outdoor patios and ornate fireplaces, perfect for creating a seating area where your guests can relax during your reception. Couples seeking intimate spaces can also use the 16th-floor rooftop lounge for a smaller ceremony space. The rooftop features fire pits and even more amazing views of Los Angeles that you and your guests will love taking photos of. Perch also has an executive chef known for creating delicious French culinary classics who can ensure your dining options meet your expectations and desires.

the unique space

The Unique Space is a 3,500 square foot open event space that is another of our favorite Los Angeles wedding venues. Housed in a historic factory, the venue creates an industrial-chic vibe with its high vaulted ceilings, exposed brick walls, and handcrafted decorations. If you and your spouse-to-be are looking for a backdrop of the Los Angeles skyline for your big day, then you'll definitely be obsessed with Unique Space's rooftop terrace. The rooftop terrace is perfect for wedding portraits and first-look photo shoots that will make your wedding album even more memorable. In addition to the picturesque rooftop terrace, The Unique Space includes an indoor space known as the Grand Room, which can also be used by couples. This modern space is ideal for larger weddings, as it can easily accommodate over 300 guests using both the roof and the interior Great Room. Couples who know they want a unique wedding venue that can be both indoors and outdoors will love the ease with which this venue can be configured to evoke any style of wedding.

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440 season

If you and your S.O. If you've got your heart set on a Los Angeles wedding venue that has industrial elements (like exposed wood beams and concrete floors) and also offers a ceiling option, then we've got the venue for you! 440 Seaton is a 100 year old interior that retains many of its original structures and details. Originally used as an interior wooden space, this modern space has made a name for itself in the wedding industry for its eclectic appeal. It's in the middle of downtown Los Angeles' Arts District, which couples can visit from the property's picturesque rooftop. The Warehouse Venue is perfect for couples who also want their venue to be really stylish. Vaulted ceilings and brick wall backdrops can easily be used to cover fabric, greenery, or hang lighting fixtures. With the right décor, this venue can be transformed into an aesthetic wedding that you and your spouse-to-be have always envisioned. Known as the Great Hall, the main room can accommodate over 1,000 guests, making this venue perfect for a lavish event as well.

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